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NSW & QLD Health and Wellness Expo Ballina

This event has already occurred.

Saturday, 16th March 2019
10:00am till 4:00pm

Ballina RSL, Ballina
New South Wales

Call: Maree Macdonald on 0402566427.
Email: Maree Macdonald at
Cost: FREE

A health and wellness expo to assist the public in healing the mind body and soul from the inside out.
A health and wellness expo to assist the public in healing the mind body and soul from the inside out.
Welcome to NSW & QLD Health and Wellness Expos. Are you wondering what we are all about? I have attended many expos in my time and I decided we needed something a little different. A broader topic, more variety, more modalities and more products on offer that suit our current lifestyle. Let's be honest life is not a one size fits all. You may like to go to a chiropractor yet your friend prefers physiotherapy. One supplement or oil might help you but it doesn't help your friend. We all need choices. I want to bring those choices to you and show you what is on offer today. Have you ever stopped to thing why so many people are sick today? Did you know that 80% of our supermarket is full of sugar and refined carbohydrates. That is a scary thought isn't it. Sugar and carbs create inflammation in the body. Inflammation feeds disease. The doctor prescribes medication and those meds create more symptoms, the doctor gives you more meds and the system repeats itself. We need to change that. I want to help you change your life for the better today so I created Health and Wellness Expos. These expos will bring together different businesses that may assist you with your mental, physical, spiritual, financial or pet health. We will also have a large range on products on sale such as bamboo clothing, skin care and pet care, essential oils, supplements, health insurance, household cleaning products, crystals, bumblebeewax wraps as well as a range of modalities like Feng Shui, Reiki, Kinesiology, Ayurvedic massage, weight loss mentor, nutrition, and chiropractic treatments. We will also have a psychic and tarot card reader for those who like spirituality. It really is a broad topic. The sky is the limit. Businesses are getting creative. Let's see what is on offer in 2019. I hope you will join us.
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Ballina RSL

1 Grant Street, Ballina, New South Wales, 2478, Australia