The sweet sounds of a strangled cat

Story Published: 4 Jan 2018

My wife thinks I can't sing and is anything but cute when it comes to making her feelings known.

Column Damian Bathersby Humour Column

Flying high is no laughing matter

Story Published: 28 Dec 2017

I don't have any interest in understanding how a 400 tonne metal tube is able to defy gravity and carry me to the other...

Damian Bathersby Flying Humour Column Opinion Column

It's hard work keeping people happy

Story Published: 24 Dec 2017

MORE than once I have thought about running for council but thought better of it.

Ashley Robinson Humour Column Opinion Politics

Maybe I do like surprises after all

Story Published: 17 Dec 2017

Old mate apparently forgot her own rule about surprise parties ... and I'm glad she did.

Ashley Robinson Humour Column Opinion

"We'll need a cargo ship to get this lot over there"

Story Published: 12 Dec 2017

How much is too much when it comes to Christmas care packages? Rowena Robertson does her bit to keep Australia Post...

Care Packages Christmas 2017 Gympie Style Magazine Humour Column

Inter-galactic plan's not music to my ears

Story Published: 30 Nov 2017

A BIT of rock 'n' roll might have been more attractive to our space neighbours than quantum physics.

Ac/Dc Column Damian Bathersby Galaxy Humour Column Rock 'N' Roll Science The Beatles The Rolling Stones

My day began okay ... then things took a turn

Story Published: 26 Nov 2017

SEKISUI rally was the start of a downward slope that ended with a fly invasion.

Ashley Robinson Humour Column Sekisui Development Yaroomba Development

Cheap wine and a wet, wet tent

Story Published: 23 Nov 2017

BUYING our "instant tent" online meant we didn't have to endure any of those boring demonstrations on how to refold it...

Camping Column Damian Bathersby Humour Column

Our visiting Labrador just loves to stop and sniff

Story Published: 17 Nov 2017

HE'S incredibly cute and always seems to be keeping an eye out for his next meal. He also has a very small bladder.

Damian Bathersby Humour Column Labradors Opinion Column

Trust me, six-year-olds and unicorns don't mix

Story Published: 9 Nov 2017

WHEN poppy dresses like a mythical beast, anything can happen.

Damian Bathersby Humour Column Opinion Column Unicorns