December 2017

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Spin doctors are paid to put lipstick on the pig. But if we can smell bacon, we know there's still a pig there somewhere.

Cabinet decision 'a disaster' for regional Qld

"" Henny Penny the aky is falling....!"!!! Peter Leith. Bogangar."

November 2017

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SHOULD the ski jump be built in Lismore? The results of an online poll have been revealed.

Build it in Lismore: 60% of people want the ski jump

"The Lismore ski-jump: I believe that there is a small town in Germany which, at great expense, has..."

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SHERELE MOODY says she would rather not marry her partner than tie the knot under legislation that makes same-sex couples less equal than straight couples

I'm gay but this is why I won't marry my partner

"..........lots of straight people don't want to marry their partners........It's not compulsory....... ..."

October 2017

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THE euthanasia debate is back to being a hot topic with news it could be allowed in Victoria.

OPINION: A fine line in allowing euthanasia

"awroh...Thank you for telling it the way it should be told. Go Well. Peter Leith. Nogangar."

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THE euthanasia debate is back to being a hot topic with news it could be allowed in Victoria.

OPINION: A fine line in allowing euthanasia

" As an 88 years old myself it is very good to see so many comments that are free from religious and..."

September 2017

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SO now we see why rainbow warriors didn’t want a people’s vote on same-sex marriage.

Devine: Ugly side of Yes campaign on show

"HOW TO "WHITE-ANT" DEMONSTRATIONS 101. Hire a group who will pretend to support the cause but are..."

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AUSTRALIA has three different types of accents? But they still don’t help you identify where somebody is from and instead tells you something else.

Why some Aussies sound ‘bogan’

" Fair Go! Anyone who thinks that Australia DOES NOT have accents, dialects and "local languages"..."

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CONSTITUTIONAL saga over MP dual citizenships is another handy distraction for them from the real business of running our country.

MY SAY: Who cares what's on passports of our MPs

" What IS important is that our politicians are either too lazy or too dumb (or both) to do their own..."

August 2017

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Council went for cheap symbolism, a stunt that doesn’t give local Aboriginals any more power in their city.

PAUL MURRAY: Leave Australia Day alone

"Precisely what does Äustralia Day" celebrate? The annexation by England of yet another overseas..."

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IT'S not even officially open yet, and already the Lismore Art Gallery precinct has been damaged by a group of skaters.

Fury over skaters' damage to new gallery benches

" skating on a public seat an aceptable pratice? Peter Leith. Bogangar."

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