May 2015

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FOR Toowoomba’s Fay Stafford, volunteering started as a way to get out of the house for a while each week.

Fay gives 23 years to volunteering

"Not sure what you mean - just did a quick search of this website and came up with stories about people..."

July 2013

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EXPANDING on strengths and cutting away losses are some of the tactics Toowoomba’s smaller hardware stores have employed in the face of national competition.

Little extras count in battle against hardware giants

"Nah, Craig's will survive - I shop there and have never had to wait longer than about 40 seconds for..."

March 2013

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A MULTICULTURAL university in a multicultural town in a multicultural country deserves a multicultural festival.

USQ gears up for Harmony Day celebrations

"There was a fashion parade last weekend at Grand Central run by Mercy Family services I think and there..."

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GOAT racing in Roma is finished after extremist organisation Animal Liberation forced Qantas into turning their back on Easter in the Country.

No goat racing as Qantas abandons Roma Easter in the Country

"Poor goats. Now they're out of a job, they probably will end up at the abattoir. "

September 2012

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EVEN high and dry Toowoomba home owners face huge increases to premiums on home and contents insurance as the payouts of the 2011 floods take their toll.

Insurance bill shock for safe home

"Funny. I just read a story stating that "Suncorp chief Patrick Snowball has leapfrogged a succession of..."

May 2012

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AFTER being washed, tumbled and spun dry Me-Lu is one lucky kitten.

Lucky cat nearly washed up

"This is the second story I've read about cats in front loading washing machines in the last few months."

March 2012

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SOME lucky person will walk away from an auction on Wednesday well prepared for their departure from this earth.

'Prize' a dead cert

"Maybe the winner could use it to store blankets in until it's time to use it for real. Or perhaps put a..."

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