August 2017

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PAGE MP Kevin Hogan has slapped down Lismore City Council over their planned abolition of January 26.

Hogan holds firm on Australia Day date

"Of course the LCC follows the PC/Lefty Yarra City Council in everything, but I must have missed..."

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CLOSURE to test current load capacity on bridge as freight traffic volumes increase.

Fawcett Bridge to close for load testing

"Good move! You never see the flood-damage, until its too late...."

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A debate between two high-profile journalists has led to accusations of bullying over same-sex marriage and drawn in the former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

ABC host Emma Alberici accused of bullying in same-sex row

"Yes - it's still there Montie from Glen - but only just.... Some of us who could perhaps vote "Yes" in..."

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BARNABY Joyce must be kicking himself for missing this ridiculously simple way to confirm he was a New Zealander.

Simple New Zealand citizenship test could have saved Barnaby

"This is a ridiculous impost on modern multi-cultural Australia from a 1901 Constitution when (then) all..."

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‘The ABC does not have a position on the issue’: ABC tells staff to stop campaigning for same-sex marriage'

ABC tells reporters: stop campaigning for same-sex marriage

"Cop that over-paid, anorexic Emma ! About time too that this lefty agenda-peddler was brought to..."

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THE ABC’s Emma Alberici applied the blowtorch to her guest over yesterday’s gay marriage decision. One question really threw him.

Gay marriage: ABC host scorches Mathias Cormann

"No-one likes other person's morals shoved down their throats especially with such hate, emotionalism..."

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PEDALLING political agendas has been "getting out of control" at Lismore City Council meetings, according to one outspoken councillor.

Grandstanding political agendas 'out of control' at meetings

"Well - 98% of LIsmorons were anti-CSG - misunderstanding the full implications for our region. These..."

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A FEDERAL Government review is underway into security measures at all regional and metro airports.

No security screen for Rex flight

"This reported example of youthful hysterics could well see a panicked aviation authority cause our..."

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Denying any Australian equal status and the same level of dignity is in my mind completely un-Australian.

Warren Entsch: Gay and lesbian couples deserve to marry

"I agree Echidnot - If they didn't insist on calling their legal union "marriage" the whole issue would..."

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