April 2018

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Australia's dominance at the Commonwealth Games and Seven’s coverage have been torn apart in a scathing review

Brutal review of ‘tainted’ Games

"I thought 7's coverage was pretty good at showing Aus Team successes. Agreed - it was sometimes partial..."

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SHOCKING crash statistics on the Alstonville bypass are continuing to increase, as the government works to fine-tune plans for safety upgrades.

3 deaths, 22 crashes: It's time to fix this dangerous road

"Irrespective of these "experts" opinions, both the Wollongbar and Alstonville interchanges with the..."

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Chief National Seniors Association advocate Ian Henschke has called for pensioners to retain more of their earnings before benefits are affected

Pensioners want to work longer without penalty

"Having masses of volunteer "jobs" and older part-timers in the community workforce makes it even harder..."

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RESIDENTS voice concern over traffic, environmental impacts, koalas, stormwater, flooding, and earthworks and design.

5000 submissions on housing proposals

"Byron Bay - victim of it's own hype, with inevitable NIMBY-ism."

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I think that the past week has shown a disappointing amount of hysteria when there should have been common sense and good judgment.

OUR SAY: A bit of perspective wouldn't go astray in scandal

"Priceless ! The media "goes ape" on a story.Then afterwards they publish yet more articles saying..."

March 2018

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I WAS criticised this week for bringing personality into the debate when giving my two cents on the fallout from the Australian cricket cheating scandal.

Why cheating fallout has been so brutal

"Come off it Scott - what behaviour did you really expect from our current cosseted millionaires!"

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Big Bash star Chris Lynn says ball tampering more prevalent in cricket than horrified fans think and reckons all players have been guilty of it at some stage

Lynn’s stunning claim: Everyone guilty of ball tampering

"Just shining the ball on your flannels or wiping the water or grass-stain off the ball will be a..."

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SOUTH Africa’s radical opposition leader says white farmers should leave for “racist” Australia, but insists “we are not killing them”.

'They should leave everything': Politician on white farmers

"A good truthful article Frank; such journalism deserves community and industry acclaim."

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THE era of megaphone racism has dawned with Peter Dutton backing the idea of humanitarian visas for South African farmers.

EDITORIAL: Extending the claw of conditional compassion

"RSA farmers speak English and don't go on welfare - plus they usually bring skills and $$ capital with..."

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FROM the earliest cowboy films, right up to the latest Star Wars, the solution, justice and the final word has always come down the barrel of a gun.

Warning: Swallow tea before reading

"There was no "weakening" of The NFA, Christian. Australian States are autonomous and make laws to..."

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