December 2017

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MORE than one-third of the Kyogle Council area is non-rateable, but it looks set to join the fight to make Forestry pay rates to fund bridge and road repairs.

Should the Forestry Corporation pay council rates?

"Leave the Forestry in designated State Forest alone, go after the private "investors" that have ruined..."

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Bombshell revelations in the wake of the death of a mother from a common sepsis infection at Lismore Base Hospital.

EXCLUSIVE: Hospital now 18 months without critical doctor

"At least we have the Path Lab next door for assistance. I suspect politics in play here.......fear is a..."

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How a call for help to Child Support Agency lead to two streets being cordoned off by police

What really happened? Barney Pt man sets the record straight

"Dealing with the public face-to-face is always difficult especially in heated situations. Over the..."

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Sports utility vehicles are selling in unprecedented numbers ... but strangely most buyers never step off the bitumen.

Why aren't all four-wheel drive owners doing this?

"Another phoney-news/controversy/"advertorial". [Yawn.]"

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A LATE night kebab after an evening out is one of life’s simple pleasures, but for many people across Europe it might soon be a thing of the past.

Doner kebabs to be ‘outlawed across Europe’

"All small-goods/treated meat etc is best taken in small irregular amounts due to health/heart risks."

November 2017

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"DOES it take us to lose a life out here?": Residents are worried about the appalling state of their roads, saying it is now a matter of life and death.

'Buy a four-wheel drive': Council's advice on potholes

"Huge amounts of ratepayers' money is already spent on the roads in the Lismore city area. LCC have an..."

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AN ANIMAL rights group says it has sought permission to install this memorial at a truck crash scene, but authorities say they have no record of the request.

Call for roadside tribute to chickens killed in crash

"Dilli - these extreme/activist animal-rights crowd are deadly serious. [ Yes- I mean that literally.]..."

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NEW data has shown that one in five car insurance claims in New South Wales are for tailgating crashes.

Tailgating: Is it the most dangerous driving behaviour?

"Cars are one thing, but "tail-gating" a motorcycle can be fatal for the rider!"

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Anti-shark net campaigners swim under one to prove it 'doesn't work'

Shark nets offer 'zero protection': protesters show why

"Jonc101 - agreed. I'd go for a drone, dropping small explosive deterrents from the air when a shark..."

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SHOULD the ski jump be built in Lismore? The results of an online poll have been revealed.

Build it in Lismore: 60% of people want the ski jump

"Lismore Lake/Lake Gates better for this project surely?"

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