October 2017

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"TO QUOTE those firearm numbers per person as being a risk to the community I think is disingenuous".

Greens criticised for linking crime risk with gun numbers

"Sorry Fred, your not OK on this one! Even the Don Weatherburn from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics..."

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Malcolm Turnbull deal with the major gas suppliers ended with a lot of reassurances but nothing that could be described as a binding commitment

Buck stops with Malcolm on gas

"Of course, if the banned CSG came on-line, as was expected/predicted by the gas industry's forward..."

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FOR the first time in my life, I'm living in a trolley suburb.

SOAPBOX: It's time to push a trolley solution

"Apparently, (from my enquiries) these trolleys cost the supermarkets $380 each. So every one returned..."

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Firearm Owners Association of Australia president Ron Owen says bad people will always find the tools to do bad things - gun laws are meaningless to them

Owen lashes out at 'unjust' Australian gun laws

"Law-abiding firearms owners are pleased to note that misuse of firearms has generally receded in..."

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If the gun nuts don't learn from this one, they'll never be convinced.

COMMENT: Howard did at least one good thing

"The 1997 Howard Gun Laws did not ban automatics/machine-guns nor pistols - both already banned from the..."

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A MOTION before Lismore City Council may help bring councillors opposing the controversial Lismore Shopping Square expansion on side.

CBD rates freeze proposed in Lismore Square debate

"I wonder if all those Anti's signatures are real local people? Will we in Lismore/Casino get hammered..."

September 2017

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IT HAS been a smooth ride for visitors to the Richmond River Historical Society thanks to the installation of a new lift.

Giving a lift to our historical society

"Can we hope for a better display of publically donated historical items from the RRHS store-room in the..."

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IT WAS an action 50 years in the making.

Sun shines on rainbow flag over council chambers

"Cripes - how can SSM "yes" fail now with all this support?"

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THE pushback against the proposed $90 million Lismore Shopping Square expansion could send bad message to future investors, say industry leaders.

Business leaders slam council over rejection of Square plans

"Typical of our present Lismore City Council. No surprises here...."

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