Young people still want a tan despite the dangers

DESPITE heightened awareness around skin cancer, almost one in five young Aussies are still putting themselves at risk in their quest for a tan, according to research findings released today by national health  retailer, Good Price Pharmacy.

The research showed 40% of the 18 to 24-year-old's sruveyed thought it was important for them to look tanned, and 23% skipped sunscreen for quicker results.

Another 36% claimed they didn't like sunscreen because it felt greasy on their skin, with 7% it was too expensive to wear every day.  

One in five young Australians get sunburnt at least once last year and more than one in 10 admitted to scorching their skin more than once. 

There are more  than 12,500 new cases of melanoma diagnosed in Australia every year, and pharmacist Carolyn Clementson warned young people needed to take precautions against the sun.

"Many young people may be unaware that burning just once every two years can triple the risk of melanoma," she said.

"What's more, the incidence of skin cancer in Australia is one of the highest in the world, two to three times the rates in Canada, the US and the UK. It is therefore surprising that so many young people are prepared to take this risk for the sake of getting a tan.

"It is important to wear sunscreen whenever you are outdoors, regardless of whether the sun is out or not. It is widely known that UV rays can be just as powerful on a cloudy day as when the skies are clear."

"Many people still believe the myth that 80 per cent of a lifetime's sun exposure happens before you turn 18. In fact, it's more like 23 per cent so it's essential to wear sunscreen whatever your age."

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