Aussie singer Xavier Rudd.
Aussie singer Xavier Rudd. James Looker

Xavier Rudd wants to tackle surfing

HE'S played with some of the greatest musicians on the planet and won countless awards, but surfing South Africa's Jeffrey's Bay is one thing Xavier Rudd's yet to tick off his list.

"That's something I would like to do," the iconic Australian musician said, after being asked if there was anything he was yet to accomplish.

But before he plans his surfing trip, Xavier's currently playing to towns and cities all over the country, including Rockhampton next month to show fans his latest work, Spirit Bird.

Xavier said doing an album using the callings and sounds of birds was something he'd always wanted to try.

"I had the idea in my head for a while but I wasn't sure if it would work, but I was stoked that it did," Xavier said.

"The sounds were compiled by me pretty much…it's an important album for me."

His stage performances during his seventh and most extensive tour of Australia will be enhanced  by a carefully selected collection of videos and images portraying the hard-hitting environmental themes that feature on the album.

"I took longer than I usually do to make this album and exhausted my resources," he said.

Using an array of guitars, yidakis (didgeridoos), stomp box and percussion, Xavier has re-introduced Australians to the sounds and stories of the land's original owners, while introducing the rest of the world to an entirely new sound altogether.

He said he often spoke about Australia's Indigenous culture on stage.

"People overseas seemed to be more interested in our Indigenous culture than people here," he said.

"It's not celebrated enough here."

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