Between the Covers

Wyatt, the Enigma Returns

Garry Disher

After a 13-year absence from his Wyatt series Australian crime author Garry Disher brings his favourite criminal out of retirement with a bang.

Or, to be more accurate, lots and lots of bangs.

Wyatt, the Enigma Returns, is a fast-paced action crime novel where the hits just keep on coming.

Disher seems to prioritise action over story; the characters speed from one dangerous situation to the next, without much plot advancement.

It’s good writing with meticulous research and detail: if one of the characters is breaking into a house then it is written convincingly. There’s no doubt that both the writer and character know what they’re doing.

My main problem with this novel was that I found it difficult to empathise with any of the characters at all; they’re all pretty horrible and selfish, including the central character Wyatt, who is portrayed as an unemotional criminal genius with some sort of moral compass that I didn’t quite understand. The introduction of Lynette, a smart, capable woman, is obviously meant to introduce some sexual tension but it didn’t quite work, although I suspect she will feature more in the next instalment.

The other problem with an all-action book is that, unlike a really good thriller, the tension never develops; if you’re racing from one disaster to another then there’s no build-up. There’s also no ‘who-dun-it’ aspect because you know who done it, now it’s just a matter of who gets killed and who survives and because it’s a series you already know the answer to that as well.

Wyatt, the Enigma Returns isn’t a bad read; it was just a little unsatisfying because I felt the author was just going through the motions, but he understands what those motions are and carries it off because he’s a good writer. Had he perhaps spent a little more time on story then this would have been a book with more substance; as it is it’s not a bad book if you don’t want to think too hard and at least it’s in Australian English in an Australian landscape.

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