World's longest suspension bridge opens in Switzerland

The world's longest suspension bridge has opened in Switzerland - at a dizzying height of 91 metres.

Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is 494 metres long and stretches across a valley between Grächen and Zermatt.

And it has a metal grated floor - meaning thrillseekers with a passion for heights can look down into the valley floor  below them, The Sun reports.

They will also be surrounded by impressive views, with the Bernese Alps and the famed Matterhorn mountain framing the Europaweg foot trail the bridge is based in.

The bridge takes around ten minutes to walk, cutting down a journey that previously took up to four hours.

It runs between 1600m and 2200m above sea level and was built in just 10 weeks by Swissrope.

The Zermatt tourism website says "the thrill of traversing the precipice is indescribable".

But they do warn against crossing the bridge in a storm because of the "danger of lightning".

The previous world's longest suspension bridge was a glass-bottomed structure unveiled last year in the Hunan province of southern China.

The 430m bridge was suspended 300m above China's Zhangjiajie Canyon.

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