Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs are the latest craze in collectibles.
Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs are the latest craze in collectibles. Samantha Poate

How to find elusive Woolworths' Super Discs

WITH the latest Woolworths craze coming to a close, collectors are now forced to source their missing discs else where and some are going to extreme lengths to do so.

We've previously heard about one of the seven rarest plastic discs on sale for $1000, while others are being more creative and collector friendly by creating swappers events and group pages on social media - the rare discs in the collection being every multiple of 6: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 42.




On a Facebook community noticeboard one man complained his three-year-old son was continually disappointed after receiving multiple of the same discs.

"We now have 160 repeat disc and at $20 per disc that's $3200 worth of shopping," he wrote.

And he isn't the only one who has spent thousands at the supermarket giant as an incentive to give themselves the best possible chance of receiving all the missing pieces to their collection.

One mother has come to the aid of parents everywhere as she shared her simple hack in completing her children's collection.

For just $2, families can acquire all their missing discs from the Woolworths' Marvel folder by simply cutting and pasting the pictures onto their doubled up discs.

However, with more people making their own discs comes more counterfeit discs being sold online, and customers are furious.

One mother, Annalise, told Kidspot that she only needed one more disc to complete her son's collection, so she decided to jump on eBay to find the rare disc #30, but what came in the mail was not one of the Woolworths' discs but a copy - smaller, with less detail in the plastic disc - which she suspected was reproduced on a 3D printer and a reprinted sticker.

Other angry parents have posted on the Woolworths' Marvel Hero Super Discs Facebook page to show parents the difference between real and fake discs so that others can avoid their disappointment in the future.

The Woolworths promotion ended today.

Instructions to create your missing Woolworths' Marvel Heroes Super Discs:

  • Buy a folder for $2 - the background should have all the pictures and discs to size.
  • Pull off plastic where discs click into to separate plastic from the cardboard background.
  • Cut out your desired disc.
  • Peel off a sticker from one of your doubles of the correct coloured disc.
  • Glue on cut out.
  • Repeat for any other disc you need.

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