Woman spits, strips, sits, gets sentenced

DAPHNE Joy Saunders sat half naked in the middle of a road, goading police until she landed herself in the Emerald Magistrates Court.

Saunders appeared on charges of assaulting or obstructing a police officer and public nuisance after an incident in Pill St on March 14.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said when police got to the address, Saunders emerged stumbling and smelling strongly of alcohol.

Saunders was in the middle of a vocal argument with a male, and was spitting and abusing him.

"Police could see that the defendant was extremely intoxicated as she was almost incoherent, aggressive and smelt strongly of alcohol," Sgt Ongheen said.

But it was when police attempted to arrest Saunders and the other male involved that her behaviour became more erratic.

"(The) defendant took off her top, exposed her breasts and sat in the middle of the road. Police had to tell the defendant numerous times to put her clothes back on," Sgt Ongheen said.

"At the station, police had to restrain the defendant after she struck out at police on exiting the vehicle.

"After being placed in the watch house the defendant submitted a breath test with a reading of 0.185% was returned about an hour after she had been arrested."

When prompted by Magistrate Roger Stark, Saunders admitted her behaviour was not acceptable.

"I note your long prior criminal history... in the past you have received a term of imprisonment, that's back some time ago back in 1996," Mr Stark said.

Saunders was fined $500, with a conviction recorded.

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