Wildlife boxes answer to critter habitat loss

HOME UP HIGH: Wires Far North Coast looks after all creatures, great and small.
HOME UP HIGH: Wires Far North Coast looks after all creatures, great and small.

DURING cold weather, wildlife may enter your house. Roof spaces and chimneys are popular but they will find any sheltered spot if there is access.

The best action to take is prevention. Install wire mesh on your chimney and to block off other entry points to keep animals out. Be sure to thoroughly check first so that you are not inadvertently trapping a creature inside.

You will hear possums leaving at dusk to go out for food and then again when they return at dawn. Illuminate the space continuously for up to three days with a portable light and possums will go elsewhere to sleep. Once you are certain they have left, block off any entry points to prevent them coming in again.

If noises can be heard in the ceiling space throughout the day and night, it is likely that rodents, not possums, are the problem.

Habitat loss is a primary cause of animals seeking shelter in our homes. You can easily provide an alternative home for animals by making or purchasing a wildlife box. Place the new home close by in a suitable tree. Remember they will need good shade, as a box heats up quickly in the sun. The box will need to be at least three metres from the ground to ensure predators cannot reach it. WIRES is happy to provide designs and assistance.

Contact WIRES for rescues, advice or inquiries. The 24-hour hotline is for all calls to WIRES in the Northern Rivers - 6628 1898.

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