Pip Russell is wild about her Mazda hatch

Totally Wild presenter Pip Russell.
Totally Wild presenter Pip Russell.

CHANNEL 10's Pip Russell sat down with us this week to talk about her motoring interests.

What's your current drive?

At Christmas I got a new Mazda3 - graphite grey hatch.

What do you like and hate about your car?

I like that I went for an auto this time - so much easier for driving in the city (although I don't feel as cool anymore).

Bluetooth also makes life much easier for listening to music and talking while driving.

I also love that my car still has that "new car smell" as it's only a few weeks old.

I think the only dislike would be that I feel there is still a little bit of road noise that comes through when doing long highway drives.

During your childhood, what car did your family have?

When I was six years old my mum was so excited to get a brand new silver Ford Laser (which replaced her gold Cortina).

However, on the first day she got it I keyed my best friend's initials into the door and tried to blame it on my dad as their names both started with "A"…don't know why I ever thought she'd believe it.

What was your first car and what happened to it?

It was another Mazda3 but in the storms in November it got badly hail damaged so got written off. Didn't take me long to decide to get another Mazda though as I had no problems with it.

What is your dream car and why?

Without a doubt the BMW X1. Overall I think that BMW's are really lovely cars to drive - they're quiet and feel really nice when driving along the highway. And with all of the extras that come as standards (things like auto lights and wipers) everything about the car seems so easy. But the X1 seems a perfect size to fit surfboards/ bikes in without being too big.


Who: Pip Russell.

Born: 1986.

Current job: Presenter on Channel 10's wildlife program, Totally Wild.

Topics:  cars news motoring

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