What would you do if a stranger knocked on your door late at night?
What would you do if a stranger knocked on your door late at night? Crystal Spencer

What would you do if a naked stranger knocked on your door?

ON DECEMBER 22 at 11.30 I was watching TV and heard someone knocking at my front door (I live in Bargara).

Being so late and ending the only friendship I had here that resulted in late night cigarette, coffee, milk, nappy or advice visits, I was tempted not to answer the door.

But the knocking continued, I got up and turned the outside light on.

I saw someone walk back towards the door and there was a guy in only a towel, holding shoes.

I said "can I help you?" And he asked the time, I told him it was nearly midnight and he said thanks and left.

I went to bed and was woken up to repetitive knocking on my door and window, I ignored it but the knocking woke my six-year-old son, so I again turned the light on and there he was.

This time he asked if he could get a glass of water, I thought maybe he had been kicked out of home, or had a fight with friends and had no where to go so I opened the door enough to give him a cup of water.

I waited for him to finish, after he had a couple of sips he asked for a cigarette.

I reluctantly gave him one and a lighter, he was lent over the chair, head lowered and revealing a naked bum.

He was stark naked under that towel (what forced him into that situation?).

Feeling scared I locked the door and he said "would you like me to leave right now or after the cigarette?"

I told him he had to leave when he finished the water.

I asked if he lived here or was visiting? He said he lived up the road.

I asked if he had been kicked out of home or had a fight with some one he replied no.

Confused, I went and sat at the kitchen table, phone ready with 000 just in case, about 10 minutes passed and he came to the screen door and said he had finished the water, thanked me and then asked for another cigarette.

Just wanting this strange boy to leave I gave him a cigarette and again he thanked me and said "you're a life saver" and he doubted anyone else would have been so nice and helpful, and he left.

I locked the doors again and fell into a restless sleep, wondering if I had let this lad walk off into trouble, or if I had done the wrong thing by giving him a drink of water and cigarettes.

Did I set myself up for a possible burglary at some time in the future?

Was he casing my house to see if there was a man here to be aware of in case there was going to be a burglary down the track?

I have lived here for over a year and have never seen this boy before.

I think I'd like to know what other single mums or anyone for that matter would do if in this situation.

I figure he has to be someone's son, grandson, brother, cousin etc, would I want my any of my three sons turned away if they were in a situation that clearly forced them out on the street naked except for a towel and pair of shoes.

Did this boy approach any other house? Did he get home safely?

I would like to know he is safe, but also I'd like to know whether it was only my house he approached and how others would honestly respond in a situation like this.

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