She'll roll a big joint: Weird claim on Schapelle release

Former Corby family lawyer Kerry Smith-Douglas on Channel Nine's Today.
Former Corby family lawyer Kerry Smith-Douglas on Channel Nine's Today. Contributed

When asked how Corby was likely to celebrate, ex-Corby family lawyer Kerry Smith-Douglas said she'll probably pop a cork of champagne and roll up a big marijuana joint the size of a cigar and kick back and enjoy herself.

Visibly rattled, Today host Karl Stefanovic then asked, "You haven't been smoking yourself this morning, have you?"

A laughing Ms replied: "My eyes are red, I know".

After some nervous chuckles a clearly embarrassed and concerned Stefanovic quickly turned the interview to more serious matters, asking whether the Corby case had been poorly handled by lawyers from the outset.

Ms Smith-Douglas dodged the topic, moving on to what she hoped is Corby's imminent release and suggesting  Corby needed mental health help as quickly as possible.

"The poor girl needs psychiatric help," she said. "She's in grave danger of having mental problems for a long time."

Even if she is released in the next few days, Corby will not be able to return to Australia until 2017.

She was initially sentenced to 20 years in prison after being caught with 4.2kg of cannabis in her body board bag in 2005, but the sentence was reduced by five years in 2012.

In December last year  Indonesian corrections board took two months off her sentence as part of a Christmas tradition. The board rewards those inside the Kerobokan jail in Bali for good behaviour.

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