LISMORE mayor Isaac Smith:
LISMORE mayor Isaac Smith: "People are (coming) here, the work is here, it's only a matter of time before those two things line up".

We are a region of sports lovers

ON February 28 you can see the impacts of global warming at the brand new exhibition Lismore by the Sea.

Actually that may not be 100% accurate, as I have added the word "the” to that title.

What I am actually talking about is the Richmond River Historical Society launching their new exhibition Lismore by Sea which chronicles our history from European exploration linking us to Sydney and beyond.

This exhibition was supported in 2018 by a grant from the Australian National Maritime Museum and will be the flagship event for our historical society in 2019.

So you do not want to miss it.

Contact RRHS for more information and as always you can drop into the museum on Molesworth St to see the wonderful displays and research our rich culture.

SPEAKING of wonderful events, we launched the Lismore Masters Games 2019 this week to much fan fare.

This event happens every two years in our city and is the second longest running in Australia.

While other's have fallen by the wayside, the masters games in Lismore continues to grow each year with more sports and more participants.

This success comes down to us living in the best part of Australia, so we get a lot of return visitors who come for the games and stay for a few weeks.

But also to our local participants as Lismore is a big sporting town.

There is no denying it. We love our sport and have more people per capita participating in organised sport than any other regional city in Australia.

This is why Council spends a lot of time and effort improving our recreational and organised activity spaces. Locals and visitors deserve the best facilities so we can continue to promote active and healthy lifestyles in Lismore.

Lesson in art and indigenous culture

Lesson in art and indigenous culture

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Extinction Rebellion rises in Lismore

Extinction Rebellion rises in Lismore

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Friendship Festival bans plastic in Piazza

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