OPINION: Is Rousey really a role model?

WADING through a sea of "Kill her" and "Go Ronda" Facebook statuses, I eventually came across one that read: "Not only is she a machine but so attractive, too".

This is in reference to Ronda Rousey's 34-second UFC women's bantamweight title defence against the woman known as Bethe "Pitbull" Correia.

At first look, Pitbull seems an appropriate nickname, but Rousey made her look like a chihuahua as the world was left wondering if Rousey was the greatest fighter ever.

But my mind kept going back to that comment.


Was Ronda's overwhelming popularity due to her elite athleticism or was it due to her vaguely conventional attractiveness in a sport that isn't known for conventionally attractive women?

Please note the use of the word "conventional".

But there's nothing unusual about human beings being drawn to other conventionally attractive human beings - even men do it to other men.

No male ever watched Fight Club and came out of it saying: "How cool was Edward Norton?"

Every single one of us dudes, gay or straight, left that film wanting to be Brad Pitt because he's a rippling attractive mess, and we didn't care how good or bad his acting was.

The Ronda comment was left by a bright-eyed female fan, which is great.

It's amazing that Ronda can be a role model for young girls, but I was left wondering whether her good looks undermine her talent.

Will Ronda forever be remembered as that attractive UFC fighter or will she be remembered as the greatest fighter of all time?

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