Vote for rates referendum

For the people, of the people, and by the people.

Maybe this is not the correct quote, but I feel it is important to recognise in most important decisions, the majority rules.

Rather than relatively small forums on the vital proposed extra rate increase, which once established will be there forever, plus other CPIs, I consider that a referendum would be much fairer, and less open to criticism re manipulation.

I am sure that this was thought of previously, and cost would have been a factor, but really, are we not arguing about costs in the big picture.

Too late some would say, but I believe that no issue is too late to look at again and again, especially when a few extra dollars a week means the difference for some of sufficient food on the table, and I am speaking from knowledge of these struggling families, many of whom are too proud to ask for welfare assistance as it is now.

My philosophy through life is to stay positive and informed.

I am positively in favour of the sentiments expressed by Rob Andrews of Girards Hill (Echo letters, March 25) and read and listen to as many thoughts as put forward.

I congratulate our Mayor and councillors for their forward planning, but maybe it is time for less beautification, thinking outside the square, and better management of our rate contributions, as it appears very obvious that the extra rate increase, on top of the approved rate increase, will affect, not all, but many residents of the Lismore region.

June Crawford


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