TV presenter passes out on camera

VIDEO: TV presenter passes out then wakes and carries on

A US television presenter has shown she's made of the right stuff after passing out in the snow during a live cross, then sitting up and carrying on as though it never happened.

KUTV's Brooke Graham was reporting on cross-country skiing when she began to rock, tilted backwards then fell flat on her back in the snow.

As the concerned interviewee reached down to help her, she sat straight up and continued on, as though the previous seconds hadn't happened at all.

She picked up right where she left off, claiming she slipped in the snow.

Her TV station posted the clip on YouTube with her permission and  Ms Graham had a laugh about it on her blog.

"So I passed out during my live shot this Saturday," she wrote. "As in, went down HARD on live TV! Ha, such a crazy experience. 

"A lot of people have expressed concern and well wishes and I really appreciate it.

"However, this is not the first time I have passed out cold. I am known to faint any time I am in high altitudes and get too cold." 

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