Teenagers swarm on man at gas station

VIDEO: Teens swarm to attack man helping elderly woman

SHOCKING footage has emerged of the moment a swarm of teenagers brutally attacked a man helping to walk an elderly woman to her car in the US.

Surveillance video from the petrol station in Memphis, Tennessee, shows Orden Williams Jr. escorting Mary Fuller to her car, after she admitted she did not feel safe walking to her car as there was a large number of teenagers outside.


In the footage, obtained by US CBS affiliate WREG, Mr Williams can be seen gesticulating at the group, reportedly telling them to be quiet and to get off the parking lot adjacent to the BP petrol station.

Warning: This video contains scenes of violence

"As we get to the car they are in the parking lot throwing up gang signs and putting up a ruckus," he told US news stations WREG.

After walking Mrs Fuller to her car, Mr Williams can be seen returning to his own - where his three-month-old daughter was sat - when he was "sucker punched" from behind by one of the group.

Suddenly, the small petrol station is swarming with screaming teens, believed to attend Northwest Prep Academy, some of whom can be seen excitably jumping up and down as other attempt to land a blow on Mr Williams.

The young father sustained some bruising to his upper body and his car - which he later managed to reach - was reportedly damaged, according to local police.


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