Two blokes and a joke...

If you love stand-up comedy then you’re going to love Glover & Sorrensen – twice as much!

Not just one, but two comedians, performing one of the hardest tricks in the book – two-handed stand-up. It’s a rare thing. It takes a special comedic relationship. You have to be capable of some good old fashioned Martian mind-melding to even get close to making it happen. It’s like one joke being born from two heads.

The pair will be on the North Coast this week after shows at the recent Port Fairy Folk Festival in Victoria. (Port Fairians are rolling about with laughter.)

Glover & Sorrensen will perform at the Blue Moon Cabaret in Nimbin this Saturday, March 13, and in Byron next Monday, March 15. (The Blue Moon Cabaret is sold out.)

Glover & Sorrensen have been making quite a name for themselves since the two got together for some two-handed trouble a couple of years ago. They’ve done heaps of shows around the country as well as their legendary appearances at Nmbin’s MardiGrass, and stops at every pub and club that can still pull a beer. (Sometimes even doing a show.)

Every show is unique, packed with improvisation and spontaneous banter. It’s unpredictable and the audience helps create that one-off experience.

Alan Glover is a well-seasoned and sometimes pickled comedian who has done his stand-up all over Australia and the world, featuring at international comedy festivals, famous clubs and shitty little pubs. He’s been on telly, radio and steroids. Alan lives in that giant coal mine, the Hunter Valley.

S Sorrensen, who lives here on the North Coast, follows Alan around carrying Alan’s spare joke. (He hopes one day to have his own joke...)

Glover & Sorrensen will be joined by their favourite tall blonde, Ms Mandy Nolan, at the Byron Services Club next Monday, March 15.

Mandy, currently between pregnancies, promises a wild and wanton 20 minute set before she welcomes the blokes to the stage, so don’t miss out.

Tickets are $15/10 and can be booked on 6684 3443 or at the door on the night.

The laughs start at 8pm.

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