Truck cam shows serious crash on Pacific Highway

A still from a video posted to LiveLeak showing a crash between a truck and a 4WD towing a caravan on the Pacific Highway at the Iluka turn-off in October.
A still from a video posted to LiveLeak showing a crash between a truck and a 4WD towing a caravan on the Pacific Highway at the Iluka turn-off in October.

IT just goes to show, even after seeing something on video you can't necessarily assume you know what's going on.

This video, recorded by the cabin-camera of a truck driving past the Iluka turn-off on the Pacific Highway in October appears to show a tourist recklessly trying to drive onto the highway without looking, causing a serious crash (although, thankfully one that involved no serious injuries).

However, the truth is somewhat different than the appearance of the crash. The tourist was already sliding well before reaching the intersection, thanks to an oil slick near the junction that made braking impossible.

The video of the crash was posted to LiveLeak, along with a narrative from the tourist, who identified himself as "Brad" - himself a veteran truckie - explaining what happened.

Brad had been heading home after a camping trip to Woody Head with his wife and had noticed oil on the road. Accordingly he slowed down, driving carefully and well under the speed limit.

"As I approached the intersection I was braking as per the conditions of the road and was successfully braking. At about the last 50 to 30 metres the car started to slide and the ABS started operating and was doing nothing to slow the slide," Brad posted on the LiveLeak website.

"I had two choices: enter the intersection travelling straight or try to turn left to avoid crossing the intersection. I decided to turn left. This caused a jack-knife of the car and van.

"Now I don't know if that was the right decision or not. BUT if the van hadn't have jack knifed we would have been hit right at the drivers door. I will leave the rest to your vivid imagination ..."

Brad says in the post some witnesses to the crash said they saw a truck leaving Iluka ahead of him leaking oil out of drums it was carrying. He guesses the puddle of oil would have become larger when the truck stopped to turn onto the highway.

So, as bad as it looked, this crash may have been much worse had it been a less experienced driver sliding along the oil slick.

It's probably also worth noting that, were this section of the highway already upgraded to dual carriageway it would not have been possible for Brad and his caravan to slide from Iluka Road into the path of a truck on the Pacific Highway.

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