Caloundra's Ryan Williams is not deterred by a crash on his scooter.
Caloundra's Ryan Williams is not deterred by a crash on his scooter. Brett Wortman

Williams makes triple flip thriller vow despite recent spill

THE madness of Nitro Circus Live is always going one step further to pull off the impossible.

Sunshine Coast scooter rider Ryan Williams obviously had that in mind when he decided, at the last minute, he was going to attempt a triple flip in front of his hometown crowd.

With more 8000 fans coming to Stockland Stadium, the 18-year-old did a final practice run only about an hour before the show.

He did a flip, two double flips and then thought he was going to go for broke by attempting a triple.

Zooming down the Giganta Ramp, he had enough speed to flip three times no worries but pulling off the landing was another thing.

Ryan was concussed after landing on his head and instead of soaking up the adoration of his friends, he spent the afternoon at Nambour Hospital.

The crash was revealed later in the show, with Ryan's Nitro Circus Live buddies performing tribute stunts in his honour.

Ryan managed to get out of hospital and join them on stage for the final farewell, though he was not allowed to ride.

"I've been discombobulated all day," he told the Daily after the show.

"I just basically came to about an hour ago.

"I said, 'Mum come and get me from the hospital. I want to do the show.' "

"I got here but unfortunately it is not legal to ride after being concussed."

As the 8000 plus fans got to see on Saturday night, crash landings are common on the Nitro circuit.

"I just want wanted to bring something new to the table," Ryan said.

"But it's a triple flip and as you can imagine it's pretty easy to stuff up.

"But I am going to try it again."

"There's nothing stopping me and hopefully next time I'm on the Sunny Coast I'll pull it."

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