'Too hot for students': Changes at school as temps nudge 40C

AS THE heatwaves continues, with temperatures expected to nudge 40C today, some schools may change plans for students' sport activities.

Casino High School last night issued a warning to parents and students.

"Students, parents and staff please note that if the weather remains hot as predicted then there is a high possibility that sport will remain at school in classrooms with structured activities," the notice explained.

"It may be too hot for students to be walking to sport and some venues aren't conducive to the heat.

"A final decision will be made in the morning."

The school also urged students to apply sunscreen before coming to school and re-apply at school.

"Avoid being in the sun for extended periods of time and keep hydrated by drinking extra water," the school posted on its Facebook page.

"If outside make sure you cover-up and keep exposure to the sun at a minimum."

Casino hit a top of 35C on Monday and 39C yesterday, and today is forecast to reach 38C.

In Lismore, the temperature reached 36C yesterday with an apparent temperature of 40C.

But we can expect a dramatic change in the weather tomorrow.

The Bureau of Meteorology says Thursday will be cloudy with a chance of showers and a top temperature of 22C.

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