Wind farms.
Wind farms. ANGELA Harperaap

Tony Abbott accused of trying to kill off wind farms

TONY Abbott has been accused of trying to derail the wind farm industry after instructing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to not invest in the technology.

The prime minister directed the government-run financing corporation to invest in "emerging technologies" rather than in wind farms.

Labor Leader Bill Shorten said the action was a "dramatic escalation" of Mr Abbott's opposition to wind farms.

Mr Abbott said the CFC should be used to invest in new technologies that commercial banks would not invest in.

"What the CFC should be investing in is new and emerging technologies - certainly not in existing wind farms," he said.

"I'm wanting at all times to build a strong and prosperous economy so we can have a safe and secure Australia."

Mr Shorten said the move would reduce investor confidence in wind farms.

"You've got his government sabotaging the future of clean energy in Australia because of some kind of extreme ideology against wind farms," he said.

"We all know Mr Abbott doesn't like wind farms. Mr Abbott is at it again sabotaging renewable energy investment."

Greens acting leader Scott Ludlum said the directive was an attempt to help the coal and gas industry at the wind industry's expense.


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