WELL known local musician, Toby Gerrish aka the Blind Blues Busker will release his EP Busking Blind tonight at the Dunoon Sports Club.

Many will recognise Toby as a long-time and frequent busker in Lismore and Byron Bay, every day through rain, hail or shine.

Toby faces the daily challenges of being blind, among other health struggles that resulted from a brain tumour as a young man.

After many years of street performing, Toby has recorded an EP of original and cover songs with the help of UpBeat Productions - an arts and music production and consulting team that helps people in challenging circumstances realise their artistic dream by connecting with and co-working with people in the arts and music community.

"I'm pretty excited, I'm pretty stoked," he said.

Toby said he's always been very musically orientated - he taught himself to play guitar at the age of nine.

Seven years ago, when his father passed away, he wrote a song called Hey Dad, which still stands as his favourite song and can be heard on the new EP. Another of his favourites, a "groovier" song on the CD, is called Now is the Time, which he wrote after breaking up with his first love at 16.

Busking holds a great part of his heart, he said - the best part about it is that people feel free to come and talk to him.

Many would usually feel like there is a wall stopping them from coming up and saying hello or having a chat: "they feel like they're being annoying or they feel self-conscious."

"But with a blind man, there's none of that."

He said it had been an amazing experience recording the EP with UpBeat Productions.

"I'm excited to release my first EP and seeing everyone there, metaphorically speaking."

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