To Our Dear Grandchildren on 'yes' day

Kate Willock and Christine Minkov at
Kate Willock and Christine Minkov at "Yes" Day at Lismore Quad. Sophie Moeller

To Our Darling Grandchildren

By the time you get this letter we are hoping that the world will no longer class people as "different” or "other”. We hope that humanity recognises that there is no "us and them”, only "us”.

A wonderful thing happened the day this photo was taken - Australia voted YES for Marriage Equality for same sex couples. It didn't change the world - but it changed how we felt about our world.

Your Nannas had been together for 18 years but couldn't legally get married - we can't tell you why because we just don't know why love wasn't enough. Despite the fact that we loved each other, worked hard, contributed generously to our community and cared about the world and people who were struggling and, together, we created two kind and compassionate humans (who are now one of your amazing parents), we were not treated equally under law.

Your feisty Nannas, our children and the whole LGBTIQ community (ask your parents to explain the letters) and many, many straight people fought for justice - not only for us, but for future generations - not only for our children but for everybody's children. We fought so that people would know that it's OK to be LGBTIQ and that inequality hurts people - especially children and young people. We fought to be heard above the ignorance and fear - and WE WON!

We hope that the world you live in is kinder, safer and more respectful to LGBTIQ people or, as we like to call ourselves, "people”. We hope that you and your friends feel more able to be who you truly are - regardless of what that might be, without judgement and criticism from others. We hope that people can love who they love freely and proudly.

If one LGBTIQ person has freed themselves from doubt and fear and shame as a result of Marriage Equality then we would all have done our best to make the future a better place. We hope this is so.

Your loving nannas

Chris and Kate

HEART FELT: Lismore on day of Australia voted
HEART FELT: Lismore on day of Australia voted "yes" vote for marriage equality.

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