Stop and taste the difference

In this region it's pretty easy to source your food locally (as long as you don't eat wheat or count wine as a food).

There are a lot of good reasons to buy local when it comes to food, including that if produce travels less, then it's fresher and tastes better and it's better for you and the planet.

The fast-food industry represents everything wrong with western modern society: exploitation of children, speed above content and convenience above quality.

Not to mention homogenisation - who wants all their chips (I refuse to use the American term) exactly the same size anyway?

Sharing a meal is one of the civilising aspects that mark humans out from the rest of the animal world.

Unlike, say, lion prides, where the females do the food prep, then the big male comes and has the lion's share.

Eating a meal together with family and/or friends is a great joy; a time to listen, discuss, and share. A time for laughter and strengthening relationships.

Driving through a fast-food driveway and throwing the kids in the back some processed fat in brightly coloured packaging so they can wolf it down in the car just doesn't have the same benefits.

So why am I banging on about fast food as opposed to fresh local produce?

McDonalds is sniffing around again, looking to put in a third Lismore franchise, this time in Goonellabah.

I appreciate that people are rushed for time and the fast-food option is a lot quicker than cooking but is it worth it?

Mealtimes should be more than simply fuelling up on sugary drinks and complex carbohydrates; they should be a time of everyday celebration and savouring what's good in life.

Lismore is supposed to be a sporting and arts community.

While these two fields often have little in common surely where they can find shared ground is in a healthy lifestyle.

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Lismore Gallery exhibits capture our reach

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