Tigerair is celebrating its 11th birthday … but not with $11 fares.
Tigerair is celebrating its 11th birthday … but not with $11 fares.

Hey Tigerair, where’s my $11 flight?

For the past few years, it's been the airfare sale tightass travellers gleefully looked forward to.

Aussie budget airline Tigerair celebrated its eighth birthday in 2015 by putting on a flight sale with fares from just $8.

In 2016, the airline celebrated its ninth birthday with a $9 flight sale.

In 2017, its celebrated its 10th birthday with - you guessed it - $10 flights.

But if you were one of the cheapskates (like us!) eagerly anticipating news of the airline's $11 flight sale, you're in for a shock.

Instead of the $11 fares we thought we were going to get, Tigerair's thrown your holiday plans a curve-ball with its sale instead billed as a "Pay to go, return for $1 sale".

The cheapest fares up for grabs this time around are the $69.95 flights between Melbourne and Hobart or Sydney and Coffs Harbour, which, factoring in the $1 return leg, average out to about $35 each way. Hmph.

Still, we don't want to allow ourselves to mourn the demise of the ultra-cheap Aussie airfare for too long. After all, we've got holidays to book and the sale starts at midday (AEDT).

We'd suggest you get cracking on booking your leave - the sale fare travel periods vary between late January and early July, 2019 - and get set to hit up the Tigerair website come noon.

Tigerair’s cheap seats aren’t quite as cheap this year …
Tigerair’s cheap seats aren’t quite as cheap this year …

It's no $11, but for now it's as cheap as they come. After all, we're talking about an airline that's officially been named the cheapest in the world, based on cost per kilometre.

Still if these deals don't tickle your fancy, keep an eye out for a whole stack more travel deals about to be released, as travel companies slash their prices as part of the Black Friday sales.

Here's a list of the Tigerair fares up for grabs from today (with return legs for $1):

Adelaide-Brisbane - April 30-June 27 - $124.95

Adelaide-Melbourne - April 30-June 27 - $78.95

Adelaide-Sydney - April 30-July 4 - $91.95

Brisbane-Canberra - May 2-June 27 - $109.95

Brisbane-Cairns - April 30-July 4 - $99.95

Brisbane-Darwin - January 30-April 4 - $139.95

Brisbane-Melbourne - April 30-June 27 - $109.95

Brisbane-Sydney - April 30-June 27 - $79.95

Canberra-Melbourne - April 30-June 27 - $99.95

Coffs Harbour-Melbourne - May 1-July 1 - $104.95

Coffs Harbour-Sydney - May 1-July 1 - $69.95

Cairns-Melbourne - April 30-June 27 - $146.95

Cairns-Sydney - April 30-June 27 - $144.95

Melbourne-Hobart - April 30-June 27 - $69.95

Melbourne-Gold Coast - April 30-June 27 - $98.95

Hobart-Gold Coast - April 30-July 4 - $134.95

Melbourne-Perth - May 7-June 27 - $184.95

Melbourne-Sydney - April 30-June 27 - $83.95

Sydney-Gold Coast - April 30-June 27 - $71.95

Sydney-Perth - May 7-July 4 - $194.95

Sydney-Whitsundays - April 30-June 27 - $108.95

Sale starts at midday (AEDT) Wednesday, November 21 and ends at midday Friday, November 23 (unless sold out). For full details and to book see tigerair.com.au

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