Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobsen in a scene from the film Charlie and Boots. This scene was filmed in Emerald.
Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobsen in a scene from the film Charlie and Boots. This scene was filmed in Emerald. Image supplied

Tieri wags deliver double trouble

MEET the two little Tieri troublemakers set to cause chaos on the big screen next week.

Brodie and Korey Greenhalgh feature in Charlie and Boots, the latest Australian film to hit the cinemas.

Brodie and Korey were lucky enough to land a role in the movie, starring Shane Jacobson (aka Kenny) and Paul Hogan, when the crew filmed in Emerald last December.

The two brothers play the role of naughty troublemakers at the rodeo.

Brodie, 15, said that in the film, they are sitting on a fence relaxing, but start giggling when they spot Kenny trying to ride a bull.

“We decide to light a firecracker, throw it and run,” he said.

“The second scene, we were on the fence lighting fire crackers and throwing them and someone yells at us.”

But in real life Brodie said he was anything but a troublemaker.

He labelled himself a “goody two shoes”.

However, Brodie said Korey did fit the role.

“It wasn't hard to get into character though, even with everyone watching,” he said.

“It was absolutely awesome just to be there and experience the stars working and what happens behind the scenes.”

Brodie GreenhalghThe boys filmed for two days, surrounded by make-up artists, costumes, lights and massive cameras.

Brodie has always wanted to break into the industry and he said this experience had greatly encouraged him to keep going.

Eight-year-old Emerald lad James Brigeman landed a spot as an extra.

He has to walk into the rodeo dressed as a cowboy.

The highlight for James was meeting Kenny and Hogan.

He said he may want to act some time, but right now he wanted to be just like his dad, who musters in rodeos.

Brodie and Korey's mum Kaylene Greenhalgh said the boys were fortunate to have had acting experience in local theatre productions.

She had sent the application to be in the extras and they rang her to ask more questions about the boys.

“The whole cast was amazing,” she said.

“When we got there we thought we would be bottomfeed, but we all ate together - there was no hierarchy.”

Brodie, Korey and James all have a nerve-racking wait ahead of them, as nonKorey Greenhalghe of them has any idea what has or has not ended up on the cutting room floor.

Charlie and Boots premieres in Australian cinemas, including Rockhampton and Emerald, next Thursday, September 3. 

The film has been described as a funny and heartfelt movie with wonderful Australian characters.


• What: Charlie and Boots

• Staring: Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) and Shane Jacobson (Kenny)

• About it: A father and son travel from Victoria to Cape York to fulfil their lifelong dream to fish off Australia's northern tip.

• Release date: Thursday, September 3

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