Aussies say advertisers should do more to represent our diversity
Aussies say advertisers should do more to represent our diversity Rox Bannan, Getty Images

Three-quarters of Aussies want more diversity in advertising

MORE than three-quarters of Australians say they want advertisers to do more to represent our national diversity instead of relying on stereotypes.

Getty Images surveyed Aussie consumers to find out what they actually felt about how things like gender, sexuality, body type, and age are portrayed in advertising.

And we're not happy with the stereotypes.

Age and religious beliefs are frequently misrepresented by advertisers
Age and religious beliefs are frequently misrepresented by advertisers Marianna Purdie, Getty Images

When asked about characteristics that were poorly represented, respondents call out: body type (50%), ethnicity (34%), religious beliefs (32%), sexual orientation (31%) and age (30%). More than half of women (57%) specifically called out the poor representation of female body types.

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  • 76% of Aussies think that brands need to do more to represent Australians authentically
  • More than 50% of Australians felt body type was most poorly represented in advertising
  • 60% of women say the images in advertising make them feel worse about themselves

Petra O'Halloran, Creative Research Editor at Getty Images said it's clear that Australians aren't happy with how they are being represented in advertising.

"People want to relate to those they see on their screens and feel better represented by advertisers across the board" she said.

"In an age where images are all around us and inescapable due to social media, it is critical that images represent the full breadth of ethnic differences, demographics, belief systems and ways of life in Australia."

  • 60% of women say advertising makes them feel worse about themselves, compared to 57% of men say it makes them feel better about themselves
  • 46% say that advertising often stereotypes and over-generalises diversity
  • 40% of Australians say that consumers should demand authenticity from brands
Aussies say advertisers should do more to represent our diversity
Aussies say advertisers should do more to represent our diversity Marnie Griffiths, Getty Images

Misrepresented Australians

Two-thirds of Australian marketing only depicts white individuals and families, proof of the need to refocus and produce content that caters to all Australians.

Nearly half of Australians surveyed agree that images they encounter of people in advertising are often stereotyped, generalising the complexity and identity of modern Australians.

"Getty Images has spent more than a decade working on expanding their database of images to break stereotypes and create a more authentic view of gender, sexuality, religion, race, mental illness and disability across advertising and social media. Images change people's perspectives and expectations of the 'norm'," added O'Halloran.

Aussies say advertisers should do more to represent our diversity
Aussies say advertisers should do more to represent our diversity Wander Women Collective, Getty Images

The Authentic Australia

To meet this growing demand, Getty Images has partnered with Canon Australia to launch 'This Is Australia'- a collection of stock photography created by Australians that showcases the real and diverse nature of our nation and its population.

The 'This is Australia' collection aims to be an authentic representation of Australia and to uncover stories of diversity by the community. The collection itself comprises of over 5,000 photographs so far and is the work of over 200 photographers of all levels from among Canon Australia's local consumer base.

"We're proud to give Canon camera owners a platform to show their unique perspective of our country to the world and to help balance the stereotypical perspectives of Australia in advertising and media," Jason McLean, Director of Canon Consumer Imaging said.

"This is an opportunity that comes with every Canon camera for people to learn the shooting style of stock photography, get set up quickly as contributors and earn from their art. It's great to see success for contributors already, including images being purchased to feature in a new Vegemite campaign."

This is Australia
This is Australia Terry O'Hagan, Getty Images

Australian Canon camera owners can develop their skills and learn from their art, while contributing to an important cultural project that will reach a global audience of more than one million Getty Images customers.

To get photographers up and running on the platform, Canon is providing its photography community the opportunity to be fast-tracked as a Getty Images contributor. In addition, the Canon Collective photography experience team is facilitating free workshops and events designed in conjunction with Getty Images for contributors to learn how to shoot stock photography.

How to get involved
Contributions to 'This is Australia' will be accepted until 31 December 2018. This is how you can share your view of the real Australia with photographers and brands around the world.

  1. Pick up a camera and show us your Australia. Respond to a 'This Australia' brief and become an official contributor to Getty Images
  2. Visit the 'This is Australia' landing page for information on how to contribute and various experiences available for the remainder of 2018
  3. Win funding for your own 'This is Australia' shoot by applying for a range of Canon grants
This is Australia
This is Australia Wander Women Collective, Getty Images
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