CHAMBERS: Lismore City Council general manager Shelley Oldham with Mayor Isaac Smith.
CHAMBERS: Lismore City Council general manager Shelley Oldham with Mayor Isaac Smith. Alison Paterson

'There has not been a more difficult fortnight'

THERE is nothing wrong with Lismore that cannot be fixed by what is right with Lismore.

I have tweaked that famous quote by an American president but it is more apt than ever as I look at the potential for Lismore to grow and succeed in the coming year.

When I look at this weekend and the big crowds that will attend Eat the Street and Sydney Swans v Gold Coast Suns, I ask myself, "What other regional city in NSW has this sort of weekend happening?”

The answer is none, because no other regional city has what we've got.

We take it for granted but the thousands of visitors who will be here over the weekend will be blown away by what our city offers.

The mix of sport and recreation, art and culture, food and drink, business and pleasure.

Because of what they see and do, some will want to come back and even move here. So as a council we need to make sure there are more opportunities to do so.

What we need to do as a community is open our minds so we see the opportunity and potential, as at the moment so many don't get it.

It is easy for the best of us to see only the problems and not the solutions.

For example, we will always be a flood town but work is being done to help reduce the risk, so businesses should have confidence in the future of our CBD.

As a council we have had the most difficult fortnight I can remember as we grapple with past and present failures.

But we know where we stand and are ready to get back out there and showcase the potential future our city and our residents deserve.

What we want now is for the community to come on that journey with us.

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