The Stars Ahead for 2019

Every year is different, but the astrology placements of 2019 have no equivalent in living memory: Signifying this is new ground that we're breaking. Saturn (individual karma) and Pluto (global karma) in Capricorn (Sign of Judgment or Mastery), and combining forces in December, indicate it's a serious business how we live these days, individually and collectively. The Karmic Law is highly activated, and thus also its close twin, Destiny. Karma becomes transmuted into destiny's forward movement by the person practicing mindfulness and a nation seeking to right its wrongs. 

Remembering what the Mages say, "Mastery is achieved by continued discipline and effort in right thinking followed by right action" is the mantra to take you successfully through 2019. Wrong ways and behaviours could now rebound to teach the perpetrator how they must do better -or else! Knowing this is so prevents you navigating into troubled and waters and assists with making evolutionary progress. 

Not only are Saturn and Pluto now historically together in Capricorn (and where a significant judgment resulting from human behaviour is likely to arise as 2019 ends), but also the South Node (The Karmic Point, symbolizing the distillation of the past, both historic and recent). The Rule of Three confirms this is a time of karmic accounting -like it or not. 

Planets passing through Capricorn will activate the process further. 2019 beginning with Le Sol crossing Saturn sets the tone for the necessity of constructive, not destructive, endeavour. The Solar Eclipse of January 6 confirms it. It's so important we understand this. Then the times of Capricorn intensification (most particularly January, April, May, June, September or December) can be employed most productively in bringing about the changes and healings we need to make to promote our personal and universal well being and restore our planet's health. 

Revolutionary Uranus moving into Taurus for a 7 year sojourn from March 7 signals new technological developments and stirs the Zeitgeist. Right thinking could find new ways to deal with pollution and refresh the Earth's ecosphere. Selfish short sightedness, however, can hasten financial or global woes. Staying true to yourself allows more of your inner light to manifest in this world and help expedite the former. (In fact, there are those who say that's what it's all really about -the evolution of the power of the human spirit.) 

Majestic Jupiter in Sagittarius (Sign of higher understandings) until December 2 can help us in making fortunate discoveries that empower our personal life or collective endeavours. Something we should seek to make good use of, as upon Jupiter's move into Capricorn the die is further cast. 

Knowledge becomes wisdom and true wisdom has magic. 2019 can be powerfully instructive to humans working on their evolution or present difficulties to those whom aren't. 'Mastering the art of just doing the next thing right as you follow Source guidance' calls more of your inborn gifts into play. Magic develops with wisdom and heeding Saturn's lessons empowers the Mage in you. 

2019's epochal astrology does carry rare promise, as symbolized in the rare True Blue Moon (full twice in the same Sign) in Libra April 19. We'll be turning the tides if we're doing it right.  


You've had some profound lessons through 2018 on the importance of how you live your life directly influencing what happens. Learn well. Because 2019 makes how you conduct yourself even more crucial to success or failure. Knowing you're forging your destiny gives you the foresight to act more fortuitously and find that greater fortune that's available to you.

CAREER: This is a critical area. Taking shortcuts or acting shady calls in serious repercussions. Presenting and doing your best is the key to (possibly unprecedented) success.

MONEY: Getting your financial situation in order before Uranus moves into your money zone in March means there's nothing to escalate into big problems, but rather the potential for new wealth to (possibly out of the blue) enrich the coffers.

RELATIONSHIPS: Doing things right reflects in relationship stability and joy. The unattached may find that other: Most particularly July, August, September 15 to November 19.

HEALTH: Maintaining sensible health and exercise routines keeps your constitution robust and energy humming.

FAMILY: The destiny factor is strong here: Another compelling reason for acting with intelligence (especially June or July). Then home, family or property matters can flourish.



You felt the forces of evolution in 2018, especially May to November. Reflect on this so when Uranus moves in for the long stay on March 7 you're ready for accelerated growth and evolution. Travel or new studies could play a part. Stubbornly trying to hold onto old ways will not serve you.

CAREER: A new approach can open new avenues of opportunity professionally. Utilizing your career potential constructively is certainly essential to your success this year, especially January 20 to March 31.

MONEY: By practicing thrift and keeping the ledger balanced your powers of money manifestation are strengthened. And the power of Jupiter means even legacies or lotto wins can greatly boost the bottomline, most particularly November.

RELATIONSHIPS: You made some important gains in 2018. And these can be consolidated now. Marriage or greater commitment is on the cards. Your powers of attraction are especially strong May 4 to June 9 and October 4 to December 31.

HEALTH: Avoid stress. Walks in nature, meditation and art all bolster your well being.

FAMILY: The love of your family is a great support to one and all. This year the clan's fortunes are even further fostered by you, particularly July or August.



Your Eighth House, zone of mega money matters, committed partnerships and transformation (like it or not) being highly emphasized through 2019 requires you work on the deeper levels of being and transmute negativity into new energy. Be budget, safety and health minded too. Applying yourself mindfully to life means problems don't compound but you and all your potential become greatly rejuvenated.

CAREER: Doing the right thing and dealing with what you should empowers your professional situation now. New opportunities and kudos come your way. But not if you don't.

MONEY: Keeping the books balanced and avoiding further debt is crucial to the health of your funds. This also cancels old debts and allows destiny to bestow bequests or other rich developments.

RELATIONSHIPS: Jupiter in your partnership zone has all your attributes and charms sparkling. Even the rich and famous can be met.

HEALTH: Consistent attention to your well being through good sleep, diet and exercise not only prevents problems but also hastens renewal. Meditation is recommended too.

FAMILY: Not neglecting home life in the pursuit of your ambitions means those desired developments become possible here.



The Destiny Point now in Cancer (where it hasn't been since October 2001!) signals this is a time when your thoughts and actions have great potency in shaping your life. Knowing this is so enables you to lift your game and create greater things now and for the future.

CAREER: Feisty Mars and radical Uranus firing up your professional zone through early 2019 means you must channel efforts constructively, not defiantly. (And new options can manifest.) Then after March 6 more rewards from efforts made can arrive.

MONEY: Beware problems arising with joint finances. Keeping things in order keeps things clear. And your overall fiscal situation benefits from your prudence. Your earnings can rise.

RELATIONSHIPS: The karmic forces operating in your partnership and interaction zone may never have been so strong. Acting with awareness means any issues with others are turned to greater good. Even if it is a fateful introduction!

HEALTH: Looking after yourself, physically and mentally, now will result in renewed vim and vigour.

FAMILY: Avoid bitterness undermining family foundations. Bringing thoughtfulness, care and love to bear means family life can go from strength to strength.



This is not a year for fooling around. Not dealing properly with your life and responsibilities can result in problems now and into the future. However, forewarned is quite marvellously forearmed. Knowing disciplined and ethical behaviour is what will make all work enables you to rise to new heights.

CAREER: Changes are in the air. And it behooves you to apply yourself to professional studies or duties. Then when revolutionary Uranus takes up residence in your career realm through March your attainments can escalate, not crash and burn.

MONEY: Keeping good account keeps all ticking over quite prosperously. A good work ethic can raise your income streams too.

RELATIONSHIPS: Love is quite fortunately focused through most of 2019. Being nice heightens your charm power. Singles may meet significant others through career activities March onward.

HEALTH: Warning lights flash here. Neglect of fundamental good health routines could quickly result in ailments. (Dental hygiene is important too.) However, taking appropriate care works to increase well being.

FAMILY: Like everything else in your life this year, providing proper care and attention here helps all bloom. Not doing so invites disruption.



The areas of love, children and self expression are quite emphasized in your Chart this year. What matters is your attitude. If you're thoughtless or careless karmic complications could arise and colour things negatively. But working from your heart and truth enables the more positive sweep of destiny to light your star.

CAREER: New methods, travel or study can help expand your professional prospects, especially after February. Teaching, healing or IT are where you can excel.

MONEY: Mars and Uranus firing up your asset and financial situation right through until March 6 means carelessness can be very costly. Navigating this period safely, however, leads to greater prosperity.

PARTNERSHIPS: As long as you're careful misunderstandings don't develop between you and loved ones and check the validity of new people in life quite divine developments are possible. February 10 to April 21 potently activates your partnership zone.

HEALTH: Acting safely and taking extremely good care of yourself is essential until March 7. After this even old ailments can be cured by natural or new treatments.

FAMILY: Employing wisdom in managing your life enables beneficent Jupiter to bring blessings here, including success with property.



Saturn, Pluto and the South Node gathered at the bottom of your Chart emphasize that home, family and to a lesser extent, property or professional matters need to be dealt with carefully, properly and ethically. Doing so puts you ahead and you don't get bogged in karmic quagmires. Instead you may make legendary history.

CAREER: Keeping the private and domestic worlds in order means positive destiny can illuminate your professional profile. Right effort raises great results, especially May 17 to August 11.

MONEY: Ensure your fiscal situation and financial agreements with others (including mortgages) are shipshape. The effect of Uranus March onward then doesn't release disruption but heightens the possibility of money from unexpected sources.

RELATIONSHIPS: This is another potent life area. Some things are being decided and it's a different ball game from March 7. Fiery developments are possible prior. Conducting yourself consciously creates love, not conflict.

HEALTH: Yoga, meditation and times of solitude help you maintain good health. As will swimming or walks by the sea.

FAMILY: More responsibilities may arise, especially regarding older relatives, but get it right here and you'll get it right everywhere.



You're likely to be rather busy this year, possibly with serious projects. It's highly important your attitude is positive and constructive. Indulging in negativity, resentment or power games only wrecks your chances. Now is the time to find the true mastery inherent in Scorpio through consistently applied wisdom. As 2019 concludes you could have completely transmuted your life into a marvellous new version.

CAREER: Retraining or new studies can propel you professionally forward. However, by presenting well and doing the work you can make a success of what you put your mind to.

MONEY: You've the potential to make (or win!) a lot of money through 2019 (especially July or August). Just don't let gambling or extravagance poison this prosperity potential.

RELATIONSHIPS: Unsettled or inappropriate partnerships are likely to implode under the Uranian influence March onward. However, exciting developments and new introductions become likely for those on track.

HEALTH: Act safely, especially in the work place, and don't push your limits January to March 7. Then no crises arise, and your constitution cruises into new well being.

FAMILY: Changes are possible, possibly relationship or relocation related. But they'll be good ones if you're tuned in.



Dual forces affect life now. On one hand, beneficent Jupiter amplifies your luck and greater fortune; on the other, Saturn and Pluto emphasize karmic and financial accounting. Combining these forces consciously creates very valuable results. Being responsible and aware, not undisciplined or unthinking, keeps you on course, out of trouble and online for your best year yet.

CAREER: Your professional ambitions also rise or fall depending on how consciously you're applying yourself. Doing so considerably raises your success quotient and those important breakthroughs are made. (March, then August 19 to October 4 look particularly active.)

MONEY: You can't be financially slapdash. Not paying bills or insurances on time, for example, could be very costly. Avoid further debt too. Keeping account avoids problems compounding, and can even make you richer.

RELATIONSHIPS: Remain balanced re love matters January and February. Being hot headed can prevent you seeing the true picture. Things settle down through March and your relationship perspective successfully clarifies.

HEALTH: You need to be health minded and not let stress build, especially from March 7. Breathing exercises and meditation calm the nerves and strengthen your constitution.

FAMILY: Always double check. Then confusion doesn't develop and desirable occurrences become more possible.



Quite obviously, with the strong emphasis in Capricorn this is a highly significant year for you. The forces of karma and destiny swirl. Therefore you must be ever more mindful and careful to channel these powerful currents constructively, not disruptively, into your life. Doing so can assist you in making the greatest achievements you have yet.

CAREER: The rare Blue Moon of April 19 happening in your professional and life path realm symbolizes the extraordinary and unusual progress now possible for the hard working Capricorn. Through applying yourself appropriately those doors of new opportunity can swing open.

MONEY: There can be a change in your income streams this year. Your creative endeavours, for example, might start earning more March onward. Even luck can assist. However, keep good account to keep all ticking over.

RELATIONSHIPS: The power of positive destiny is strong. The partnered find their bond strengthening. Solos can find their soul mate, especially May 17 to August 11.

HEALTH: Quality sleep, nutrition and exercise keep your system humming. Spiritual studies or meditation also recommended.

FAMILY: A lot of activity registers January to March 7. Keeping the peace and harmony makes all go very well.



Cosmic Uranus, your mighty ruler, changing Signs this year signals changes for you. This coupled with the powerful planets emphasizing your soul or subconscious zone indicates you need to employ mindfulness daily to keep the way successfully clear. The new is beckoning and the more successfully you deal with life January to March 7 the more incredible and enriching this will be.

CAREER: You made valuable gains last year and you can build on these this year. (October onward could be particularly successful.) Your social and professional circles introduce great opportunities, as do conferences or seminars.

MONEY: Watch the bottomline, as Neptune's influence can make the true situation hazy. However, doing so strengthens your Midas Touch.

RELATIONSHIPS: Don't let domestic issues accumulate and disturb your partnership harmony, especially March onward. Otherwise the Sun can shine on your relationship prospects, particularly July 1 to August 29.

HEALTH: Tending to inner well being and mental health through quality sleep, meditation and sanctuary time allows your physical health to blossom and even bring healing to old problems.

FAMILY: Uranus moving into your home zone through March can signal relocation. Certainly having everything shipshape hastens happy new beginnings.



Unusual energies, tinged with karma or destiny, circulate through your career and social circles this year. The same applies to projects close to your heart. Being very aware when dealing with others averts negative developments or power struggles. Even if challenging conditions arise acting ethically and humanely is what seriously raises your worldly and spiritual status.

CAREER: Jupiter's presence here can add more star power to the Piscean's sincere professional efforts. Writing, teaching, travelling or scholarly endeavours may all be factors that expedite your success. Jupiter leaves through December, so make use of the force whilst it's with you.

MONEY: Watch it. You can burn up funds January to March 6. Take care with belongings and assets too. However, your prosperity prospects improve as the year proceeds. Even luck or family money (especially May 17 to August 3) can boost the bottomline.

RELATIONSHIPS: As long as you're seeing things and people clearly your partnerships can flourish. Life and love can really sizzle, particularly August 19 to September 30.

HEALTH: Keep your aura clear through meditation and quiet time. Don't take on negative energy. Strong inner strength keeps you healthy.

FAMILY: It's always interesting at your house. By not getting subsumed in other peoples' affairs you'll keep the home and family happy and happening.

STAR TIP:                   MAKE PEACE WITH THE PAST     


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