Singer Ed Sheeran.
Singer Ed Sheeran. Joel Ryan/AP

The musicians we loved online in 2017

MUSICIANS Ed Sheeran, Angus Stone and Tim Rogers are favourites among Lismore audiences using the streaming service Spotify.

The music service released the details recently, with the top streamed artists in Lismore named as Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Chris Brown, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, David Guetta, The Weeknd and Drake.

Ed Sheeran is also Australia's most streamed artist of 2017 and remains the #1 most streamed artist on Spotify with 47 million monthly listeners globally.

Ed Sheeran's ÷ (Divide) was the most streamed album of the year, both in Australia and worldwide, with 3.1 billion streams globally, and Shape of You became the most streamed track of all time on Spotify, now with over 1.4 billion streams globally.

"Ed Sheeran absolutely dominated this year with the release of his record-breaking album, Divide," said Stefan Blom, Spotify's Chief Content Officer.

"There is no doubt that 2017 was The Year of Ed Sheeran, and we are thrilled that so many millions of music fans have discovered, listened to, and shared his music on Spotify."

Spotify also released a list of the most 'distinctive' artists Lismore residents listen to - artists people from Lismore listen to more than anywhere else in Australia.

The 'distinctive' list includes Angus Stone, John Mayer, DJ Mustard, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Bay, Drake, Jack Johnson, Jeremih and Drake.

It is interesting that Angus Stone topped that list as he will be performing with his sister Julia at Falls Festival Byron Bay this New Year.

Another special detail released by Spotify is that residents of Lismore listen to Australian musician Tim Rogers more than any other communities in Australia.

Following the LP release of An Actor Repairs, plus a You Am I tour and the release of his first book, Detours, musician Tim Rogers just finished a tour that includes the Northern Rivers last month.

Rogers said the original plan for the year was a bit different to how it happened.

"The year was set aside to do a thesis on (Canadian maestros) Rush and their divisive keyboard era and learn how to tie my own shoelaces, but I got waylaid by a love of reading and the ever-shifting notion of cocktail hour and wound up writing a book," he said.

"If this is to be my reaction to writing and recording an LP, I'm exceptionally proud and feeling it disappear into the ether, then God and Satan save us all."

"An Actor Repairs was an LP made with love and not a lot else, despite a reliance on enthusiasm and the ability to stretch a budget under a charlatan's smoke cloud of enthusiasm."


Most popular artists in Lismore by Spotify users.
Most popular artists in Lismore by Spotify users. Melissa Moyle

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