The joy is in the giving, and giving, and giving

THE JOY is in the giving, right?

I saw a lot of giving mothers in the queue up and around the block and around the block again and again, and even again in Byron last weekend. Not only were we giving our precious weekend time, but our skin cells in the blazing sun and, more often than not, our funds.

If your kids are under 18 and were in the line-up for Splendour tickets, so were you, because without you, there would be no permission granted.

It was not a pleasant experience, but it did show the strength of a mother's love. Such is the desire for our kids to see Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Vampire Weekend - among "the best ever line-up in history of music” - a mother must put aside fears of drugs, incriminating social media selfies and the dangers of getting home to facilitate such experiences.

After all, the music festival has become the social melting pot of youth.

And kids don't do bored these days.

As I sit at work fielding multiple calls about holiday from home about logistics, I am reminded I need to go to the supermarket again.

I also need to Uber-mum my daughter to a party of a friend who "you remember mum, you met the other day”. And "oh can I just borrow $20 for a present”.

But hey, who is counting. The joy is in the giving, right?

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The show must go on, and we will love it

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