The Echo: It’s your local paper

COMMUNITY courage, a willingness to have a crack and a strong sense of local tradition, mixed with a heady dose of alternative attitude - that's what Lismore and its surrounds mean to me.

But, then again, that doesn't really matter.

You, the community, drive the Northern Rivers Echo, give it breath and allow it to prosper in a climate which isn't always so kind to the humble newspaper.

It doesn't particularly matter what I think.

It matters what you, the reader, think, feel and want from your free community newspaper.  

It only matters that I'm willing to listen, learn and, of course, write.

As Melissa Gulbin steps down from the Echo's helm, I enter the journalist-in- charge position with excitement, purpose and a drive to tell the story your way.

I enter the position with a passion for people-powered stories and a motivation to provide you with the information you need, or perhaps didn't even know you needed.

To say I'll need your help would be a considerable understatement.

Your faces, names, situations, concerns and causes will, for all intents and purposes, produce this paper, with just a little help from the small team of ladies and gents behind the scenes, such as myself.

Without your news tips, correspondence, letters, leads, advertisements and contributions, the Echo simply would not function.

I congratulate all of you who have stamped your mark on the Echo in this way over the years and I urge anyone who'd like to do the same to get in touch with me at, or by phone at 6620 0533.

Regional journalism is certainly not going away and the Echo is proof in print of that very fact.

Together, let's help keep it that way.

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