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The dole is not the future for striking students

CHILDREN should be seen and not heard ... outside the classroom.

Well, that's according to Resources Minister Matt Canavan.

Before last Friday's School Strike 4 Climate Action he was quoted as saying: "Taking off school and protesting?

"You don't learn anything from that. The best thing you'll learn about going to a protest is how to join the dole queue.

"Because that's what your future life will look like, up in a line asking for a handout, not actually taking charge of your life and getting a real job.”

I wonder, having seen the way in which hundreds of thousands of students across the country "found their voice” during protests for climate action, is he still of that mind?

If the public speaking I witnessed in Spinks Park (page 5) is anything to go by, the only thing our kids have to worry about is it's not them who are making the decisions around the health of our planet right now.

Trinity Catholic College school captain Frewoini Baume had the crowd of action-ready students cheering at her eloquent speech, Beth Cooper-Wares had them crying and the girl from Channon Public School, who spoke last, actually had them chanting.

For our children to avoid the dole queue, Mr Canavan, they need to find their passion and that was what the strike was all about.

Speaking of which, our front page story about Katie Stewart is a further example of young people using their education to do what they love.

I know because she is my daughter.

This is my disclaimer for the Echo's coverage of the Quad sculptures.

I am now on holidays until the new year.

Jacqui Munro will be taking over the pages for the next two weeks.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for your readership this year.

See you on the other side.

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