The culture of being a team player

Being able to feel part of the team is a really important aspect of sport and there are a range of ways in which this can occur.

It is not simply a case of showing up to a game that satisfies the commitment an individual has when they choose to participate in team sport.

While it can depend on the sport and the competitive level you are playing, teams tend to develop a certain culture that can determine the environment in which they operate.

It is necessary to establish a set of rules that the team accepts and adheres to. How such rules are established will vary, but underlying this concept is the aim of setting guidelines for each member of the team. Examples include attendance at training and how soon before a match you are expected to arrive.

The coach is the person who generally sets the standard for what is acceptable and what is not. It is a fine line between setting the bar too high versus not providing guidelines that reflect the outcomes they want to achieve.

Among the many roles a coach has, team bonding can be as critical to the tactics employed on the field to how successful the team is.

A good team will beat a team of good individuals most times and, whether it is the coach of a junior team or premier division, unity within the team can determine many things.

As they say, there is no “I” in team and promotion of traits such as contribution, communication and commitment from everyone will bear the fruits of team harmony and optimum game performance. A sports season is a long time to stay committed, focused and to comply with the rules that were set when the level of enthusiasm may have been higher.

As an individual and as a member of the team, we all need to find ways to maintain our desire in a manner that is consistent with why we have chosen to play in the first place.

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