RUGGED UP: Alyssa Cook keeps warm at Corbould Park yesterday.
RUGGED UP: Alyssa Cook keeps warm at Corbould Park yesterday. Greg Miller

Brr! Temperatures set to drop to 4 degrees on the Coast

THE cold front that brought blizzards to southern states will not spare the Sunshine Coast, where overnight temperatures are forecast to drop to 4 degrees in the coming days.

Strong westerly winds whipped away the Coast's cloud "blanket" overnight, causing air to escape and leaving us shivering in our beds.

Residents can expect to wake to a bitterly cold 4 degrees on Wednesday morning. The weather system dubbed an "arctic vortex" is driving this change and is the biggest cold front experienced since 2012.


Weatherzone meteorologist Tristan Meyers said there had been unconfirmed reports of snowfall at Stanthorpe, south-west of Brisbane, and blizzards further south. Mount Mackenzie in northern NSW received a few centimetres of snow.

Clear, sunny skies and clear nights will have the sun's heat depart overnight, making way for some very chilly mornings, he said.

The Coast's humidity and overnight cloud cover usually protected it from extreme cold, but the current cold front had brought dry westerly winds that removed the moisture from the air, he said.

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Coast folks would start feeling the chill from this morning, and could expect the cold snap to last until at least Thursday when cloud cover was expected to return, Mr Meyers said.

"The actual front has cleared the Coast, but we have a lingering very cold air mass," he said. "We'll also get very sunny skies and clear nights which allows the heat to escape at night."

Weatherzone meteorologist Rob Sharpe said gusty winds that would likely reach 50kmh over the next few days would also "back off" from Thursday.

Mooloolaba resident Alyssa Cook was rugged up at Corbould Park yesterday, despite what she described as "beautiful, sunny" weather, where she was celebrating a $1300 win after backing Rockhampton horse Duan Oscar.

A windy walk at Mooloolaba Beach yesterday morning had inspired her clothing choice, and she wasn't surprised to hear that cold weather was on the way.

The former Sydney resident has moved to the Sunshine Coast and wasn't worried about the impending chill.

"Nothing's really cold up here compared to Sydney," she said.

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