AVOID: LBH emergency is not where you want to be.
AVOID: LBH emergency is not where you want to be. Aisling Brennan

The advantages of following rules

FOLLOWING the rules has its advantages.

From getting a sponge cake to rise through to germinating seeds or fixing your car's transmission, following the recommended process is usually the way to go.

So why do so many road users fail to follow the rules?

Regardless of who is at fault, in an accident between a cyclist and a car the cyclist always comes off worse.

Everyday I see motorcar drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists fail to halt at stop signs or indicate when changing lanes.

And while it's a piece of cake to exceed 60km/h when charging on my bike down Ballina Rd, Cynthia Wilson Drive or any other hill worthy of inclusion of a steep descent in the Tour Down Under, I don't go there.

Other cyclists may be so full of bravado, testosterone or entitlement, they see only glory in speeding.

All I see is a fearful vision of me in the Lismore Base Hospital ER with a broken road bike or worse, having injured an innocent person.

So please, take a deep breath and think how you would feel if your child, partner, parent or friend was injured.

Let's all share the roads safely.

More info on road rules in NSW - https://roadsafety.transport.




Cycling Australia has issued some guidelines on staying safe this winter.

Light up the night with lights - good lights front and back.

Reflective straps and detailing on clothing - I have a great ProVis brand jacket and gloves and it's so reflective I reckon you can see it on the moon. Expensive, but my life is worth it. And, no, they don't pay me to say this.

Ride Two Abreast - CA said it's actually safer? It's faster for cars to overtake two riders, you're visually bigger, and you control more road space.

Choose the safest route. Be predictable. Don't do dumb stuff.

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