Accused murderer Max Smith (Max Peter Smith) (pictured) has been charged with killing Jake Lasker (Jake James Roy Lasker) at Rockville on November 11, 2012. Photo: Facebook
Accused murderer Max Smith (Max Peter Smith) (pictured) has been charged with killing Jake Lasker (Jake James Roy Lasker) at Rockville on November 11, 2012. Photo: Facebook

Text messages revealed from teen murder plot

KYLE Mitchell Dumesny, from Wilsonton, and Max Peter Smith, from Glenvale, met at Harristown State School about six years ago.

They met Jake, from Rockville, through social media. Jake thought Smith was his best friend.

While Dumesny has long maintained he thought Smith was joking and he was just playing along throughout the texts, Smith is now telling police he believed he had a genuine partner in crime.

In a statement before the court this week, Smith said Dumesny "seemed supportive and in on the plan" when he first raised it on November 1.

"I believed he was happy to be a part of it," he said.

"At the time I was serious about wanting to kill Jake and believed Kyle was with me.

"I know that Kyle has since given a statement where he said that he believed I was joking but at the time I thought he knew I was serious."


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Smith said they agreed on November 2 that it was a hard decision.

"I spoke to Kyle about how I had a plan about burning the house down, blaming it on a gas leak and also had a plan B and C," he told police.

"I also told him about how I had gloves and we would then share the profits 50/50.

"Kyle was replying things like 'cool' and 'good'.

"Kyle even suggested that we needed to make sure the parents were out.

"I suggested that we could kill them too and Kyle said that we should meet up and plan."

While planning a meeting on November 3 to discuss taking someone's life, Dumesny allegedly seemed more worried about incurring his mother's wrath.

"He asked me a couple of times when I was coming around and when I would be there because he had to do the washing up before his mother got home," Smith said.

"I told him that we had a two-hour window of opportunity ... to go over and do what had to be done. By this I meant going around and killing Jake and taking his stuff."

Smith said the murder did not happen that day because Jake's dad was home.

He said he and Dumesny took Jake to Gorman's Gap on November 4 but did not follow through with the plan to kill him that day either.

Smith said he took Dumesny out beforehand to show him the spot "where we were going to do it" and that Dumesny "pretty much just went along with everything I was saying" about the plan.

"The plan was that I was going to kill Jake and from memory I think Kyle was to help with body," he said.

"With the body, Kyle was going to help me put the body in the bag and then put it under the lookout or just throw it into the bush."

Later, they would text each other so as not to arouse suspicion about their intentions from Jake.

Smith: I say we do it here

Smith: under the floor bords at the look out

Dumesny: You sure... Want the knife I can't run with it in trackies

Smith: jump him

Dumesny: I cant I cant stand the blood

Smith: close the eyes

Smith: look away

Once Dumesny revealed his fear of blood, the pair discussed by text message running Jake down with the car before Smith "would finish him off".

Smith: I distract him you run him down

Dumesny: No way I can't do that to your car and I'm not that well a driver

Smith: you can still do it

Dumesny: Ill strike after

Dumesny: I can distract him with the car ... But I would make a lot of blood if I hit him so I would freak and crash

Smith said the next texts showed they then went to Prince Henry Dr to push Jake from a cliff but they did not follow through with that plan either.

Two days before the November 5 murder, Smith is with Jake when he texts Kyle saying "Im close why cant I do it".

"It was a lot harder being on my own, alone. I thought teamwork would have helped. I needed Kyle," Smith said.

Kyle Dumesny, 19, has been charged with the murder of Jake Lasker. Contributed
Kyle Dumesny, 19, has been charged with the murder of Jake Lasker. Contributed


"In the end we decided that I'd have to do it because Kyle was too 'thingy' about the blood so I decided to take responsibility for it," Smith said.

"Kyle was going to help me with the body.

"Kyle was with me in the kitchen when I got the knife out of the knife rack near the oven.

"He said to me something like: 'I'll just wait around, I won't be in the bedroom. I'll just wait'. I said 'ok'."

Smith said Dumesny was pacing past the bedroom while he waited for "that perfect moment" to strike with the knife hidden up his sleeve.

Next, Jake would receive 102 wounds that would end his short life.

"I don't know how long this took as I wasn't paying any attention. Could have been a minute. Maybe less than a minute," Smith said.

"At this time Kyle wasn't in the bedroom he was somewhere else in the house.

"I don't recall Kyle calling out to me to stop at any time during this but wouldn't have heard him anyway."

Dumesny, who has been in custody since May 6, accepts the texts occurred but plans to contest Smith's version of events.

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