George Dobson on his daughter's wedding day.
George Dobson on his daughter's wedding day. Photo supplied

Support pours in for George

OUTPOURINGS of sympathy for the plight of Rockhampton man George Dobson are flooding in to a fund-raising website.

George, 65, a former teacher, broke his back when he stumbled and fell on a steep mountain track in northern India two weeks ago.

He has lost the use of his arms and legs and, because he had no travel insurance, his family is trying to raise the cost of flying him home.

Because he will need special medical care en route the flight alone could cost $250,000.

The Australian Government says it won't intervene on his behalf because it would set a precedent.

Yesterday George's daughter, Liz Leahy, said well-wishers had so far donated $3175 towards a rescue fund via the website

She said since The Morning Bulletin's story on Monday, interest in George's plight had spread around the world.

“It's been incredible. One lady had donated a full week's salary,” Ms Leahy said.

George's medical care in India has so far cost $30,000. He remains weak and on oxygen in hospital, but is slowly improving.


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