George Dobson on his daughter's wedding day.
George Dobson on his daughter's wedding day. Photo supplied

George now one step closer to home

THE family of former Rockhampton teacher George Dobson, who was trapped in India, is receiving hundreds of emails of support each day.

Therese Dobson landed in Delhi last night on the first leg of the trip to rescue her former husband, who has been stranded without travel insurance after an accident left him paralysed in hospital.

In the morning Ms Dobson revealed on national TV that the “white knight”, which has committed to bringing her ex-husband home, was travel insurance company Mondial Assistance.

Mr Dobson's daughter Liz Leahy said her dad was in a critical condition after a set-back on Saturday.

She said her dad suffered a heart attack during a procedure to drain fluid from his lungs.

“The medical staff at the Delhi hospital were able to administer CPR immediately and he is now back on oxygen and blood pressure meds, conscious and alert,” Liz said.

She said Mr Dobson could be home in seven to 10 days.

Last week Liz said more than 290 emails were received by the family from well wishers following the launch of the appeal to bring Mr Dobson home.


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