Supermarket staff take on thieves in carpark

IGNORING the approaching staff, a man and his mate lifted a trolley full of groceries up and poured the contents into a white ute.

"You have to come back and pay for that," Glenmore Supa IGA manager Scott Perel yelled out.

But the men weren't listening.

The offender stole about $300 worth of goods from the Farm St supermarket in Rockhampton about 11am yesterday.

Mr Perel said the man spent about 30 to 40 minutes in the store, before seeing an opportunity to flee.

"He rushed straight through a checkout," he said.

"Staff told him to stop but he headed out to his ute where an accomplice was waiting."

Mr Perel said himself and other staff members confronted the two men.

"They threw the trolley at us and got in the car," he said.

"He reversed at speed and nearly ran over one of my workers, then he headed straight for me."

Luckily Mr Perel avoided the vehicle, which sped off.

"Everyone was shocked... it was full on," he said.

Mr Perel said the offender was a "professional shopper", hiding his face from the CCTV cameras.

"Theft this time of year is significantly higher than normal," he said.

"It's to the point we're using under cover detectives to minimise it.

"Maybe after Christmas people don't have money. It's not young kids, it's mature-aged people.

"Everyday we're finding people stealing from our store."

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said police were investigating the incident.

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