Sally Flannery has turned her popular online retail store, Rocket Science, into a shop at Top of Town, Ipswich.
Sally Flannery has turned her popular online retail store, Rocket Science, into a shop at Top of Town, Ipswich. Sarah Harvey

Yes, business success really is Rocket Science

WITH bricks-and-mortar businesses across Australia closing down in favour on online shops Ipswich girl Sally Flannery is bucking the trend.

Ms Flannery is behind the booming online clothing store, Rocket Science, and has just opened her first store - in Ipswich's Top of Town.

After starting Rocket Science about one year ago, the company has gone from strength to strength, now with more than 47,000 "likes" on Facebook and has shipped products to New York, London and the United Arab Emirates.

"I started it while I was at uni as a way to make some money," Ms Flannery said.

"When I graduated it was going so well I thought I'd stick with it."

While running a trendy fashion outlet is a long way from her studies in audio engineering, the success of her online store made it hard to walk away from.

With a growing online store, and an apartment full of boxes of clothes, Ms Flannery decided opening a storefront was the best way to expand her business.

I did it online for a while, but I needed more room. I just didn't have space for all the clothes in my apartment.

"I was looking at opening a store in Brisbane, but I'm an Ipswich girl and the Top of Town is such an up-and-coming area.

"If I opened up in West End I'd just be another store. Here I'm a bit unique, but there are still other trendy stores around."

Along with the nearly 50,000 Facebook likes from across the world, Rocket Science also operates Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts to drive internet traffic to the main site.

Having only opened in the lead-up to Christmas the website remains the shop's main source of sales and income.

Ms Flannery said many of the shops in the Top of Town are embracing online stores.

"The Top of Town is really becoming a bit of an online hub," she said.

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