Student's 'rough sex' with teacher causes nervous breakdown

A QUEENSLAND tribunal has heard how a sexual relationship between a student and a teacher at a Catholic school lead a young woman to self harm and eventually have a nervous breakdown. 

The relationship in question began in 2008 when the student was in year 12 and the teacher in question - who had then been registered for about nine years - was directing a play in which she had a role.

A Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) decision states the inappropriate relationship began in June that year after the teacher kissed the student in his car - he had earlier developed the habit of driving her home. 

The student told one of her classmates who later reported the matter to the school. 

"What have you done?" the teacher texted to the student upon learning what had happened. 

However the school's investigation into the matter ended with the Principal writing to the Director of the Diocesan Catholic Education Office advising there was no evidence anything untoward had occurred - because both the student and the teacher denied it. 

QCAT's decision states soon after the student felt isolated by her peers and teachers and began to self-harm by cutting the top of her thighs with razors, as well as repeatedly wagging. 

Then 10 days after the school had wound up its investigation the teacher pushed the student up against the wall and kissed her on the mouth. 

Soon after the the student says the teacher was driving her "to a car park and engaging in sexual misconduct with her, including kissing her mouth and neck, inappropriately touching her breasts, digitally penetrating her vagina, having her perform oral sex on him, placing his tongue on her vagina, and/or ejaculating in front of her."

The teacher then directed the student to create an email account and QCAT's decision on the matter states he: "began sending pornographic images to this account, including depicting women being tied up and beaten with equipment, and videos containing violent sex scenes."

The abuse escalated after the student graduated with the teacher purchasing a riding crop and ball gag to use on her and later engaging in what QCAT described as "rough sex".

The decision stated this involved: "grabbing the relevant former student by the hair and slamming her head against the side of the bed."

"During this incident (the teacher) continued to have sex with the relevant former student despite her crying, and she subsequently sustained vaginal bleeding, a 'fat' lip and bruises to her arms."

In 2015 the student later had a nervous breakdown upon realising she had been taken advantage of and the matter was later reported to police.

QCAT decided the teacher's registration should continue to be suspended because he: "poses an unacceptable risk of harm to children."

The identities of those involved were suppressed with the teacher arguing publishing his identity could identify the student involved and damage the reputations of his wife and children. 

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