Stormy Daniels has allegedly hired bodyguards and bought a gun after pulling out of . Picture: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu
Stormy Daniels has allegedly hired bodyguards and bought a gun after pulling out of . Picture: AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu

Stormy Daniels ‘terrified’ since Trump ‘affair’

ADULT film star and alleged ex-mistress of US president Donald Trump was expected to be one of the housemates on the UK series

Now, according to The Sun, the former porn star has hired a bodyguard and bought a gun.

The blonde, 39, is said to be so concerned about her safety since reneging on her deal to appear on the show, she is taking special measures to ensure her safety.

Daniels is said to have grown increasingly paranoid since revealing her alleged affair with US president Donald Trump.

A TV source told the Mirror: "She's terrified.

"She feels like everyone seems to be against her - Trump fanatics, his aides and even her own fans who will miss out on her appearing on the show.

"She is the kind of person people get obsessed over and she really didn't want to let anyone down but she had no choice. It's not the money she is worried about - it's her safety.

"She regrets her affair with Trump because of what it has done to her life.

"She also genuinely fears for her safety hence she has upped her security."

The news comes after reports that Daniels sensationally declared during a fight with producers that she would rather "set myself on f***ing fire" than enter the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She was said to be unhappy that producers had prepared a special White House set, in which she was to be the 'President'.

Daniels also lost her temper after production staff rifled through her suitcase to make sure she wasn't taking any banned items into the house.

And things became even more heated, sources say, when the chips Stormy had ordered to her hotel room didn't arrive.

A waitress who works at the hotel where the contestants were staying described the scene.

She said: "I heard that Stormy threw a huge tantrum because her chips weren't delivered.

"Someone must have forgotten to put the order through.

"The next thing we knew was that she had left and not gone into the Celebrity Big Brother house."

Stormy had previously claimed that show bosses were "trying to control" her in a statement released through her lawyer.

However, the show has since denied the allegations.

Stormy also pulled out of her planned appearance on ITV's Loose Woman on Friday - even though she turned up at the studio.


This story was first published in The Sun and is republished with permission.

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