Stimulus funny

The Wharf Revue is back! Hooray!

The latest production is Pennies From Kevin (ha ha, love the title…) and once again features the writing and performance talents of Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott.

With razor-sharp political satire and quirky songs, this latest revue will tell us the real story behind the stimulus package, climate change and Peter Garrett's bald spot.

“The Wharf Revue (and I speak on behalf of the entire collective) is thrilled to be opening in Lismore, the political nerve centre of Australia, if not the southern hemisphere, with the possible exception of Dunedin,” Jonathan Biggins said.

Was he being satirical?

Probably. So The Scene asked Phil Scott (who, as well as writing and performing in the revue, is also the musical director) why Lismore was chosen as the opening venue for The Wharf Revue's Pennies From Kevin.

Is it because of our depth of cultural delights? Or our unique appreciation of the arts? Perhaps it's because we here on the North Coast reflect the world of the future?

Phil, having a break from rehearsal in Sydney, replied, “I dunno.” Then we asked if it was frustrating writing shows that depended on current affairs and would date so quickly.

“I guess it is a bit frustrating,” Phil said. “But it's a lot of fun. You keep updating, keep creating new material from current stuff that's in the news.

“We cover our arse with more general skits about the big issues like climate change or whatever - and when something new comes up we add a joke or two about that and people think the whole thing is brand new.

“When Howard lost his seat in the last election, the result came through while we were performing so we told the news from the stage.”

The Wharf Revue: Pennies From Kevin is on at the Star Court Theatre in Lismore next Tuesday and Wednesday, October 6 and 7, at 8pm. Tickets are $47/38/21 from the Norpa box office at Lismore City Hall (1300 066 772) or by visiting

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