Psychiatrists addressed the court about the rapist Nigel Patrick Robinson's mindset.
Psychiatrists addressed the court about the rapist Nigel Patrick Robinson's mindset. John Weekes

Stalking rapist's release still a risk, doctor says

A PSYCHIATRIST says a rapist who attacked two women and a girl will be a serious risk to the community if released without supervision.

Gympie sex offender Nigel Patrick Robinson has been back behind bars this year after breaching the terms of his earlier release.

Robinson's case was heard in Brisbane Supreme Court this week.

Psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden said, without a supervision order there was a "high” risk Robinson might commit a sexual offence involving violence, or against children.

Another psychiatrist, Dr Josephine Sundin, said Robinson seemed to have made "some progress towards better mood stabilisation” and more "future-focused acceptance of responsibility”.

The court heard Robinson, now in his late 30s, had shown some ability to control his urges to use cannabis.

But the court was also told Robinson needed to be more co-operative and transparent about his problems.

Issues around independent housing and social integration were also discussed.

In 1997, Robinson raped a woman at knifepoint, attempted to rape another woman then indecently assaulted a nine-year-old girl in a school yard.

After his release in July 2015, he allegedly rode his bicycle past a woman in Brisbane and yelled "Hello beautiful” at her.

Robinson returned to the house, knocking on the door several times, the woman told the court earlier this year.

Justice David Jackson reserved his decision this week.

He said there was more evidence he needed to look at before it was appropriate to decide the case. -NewsRegional

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