AUTHOR: Tracey Spicer.
AUTHOR: Tracey Spicer.

Spicer discusses impact of discrimination

JOURNALIST and author Tracey Spicer has anchored national news, current affairs and lifestyle programs for several TV networks, and has brought her sassy style to talkback radio.

Her columns have appeared in metropolitan newspapers and on news websites.

Renowned for the courage of her convictions, passion for social justice and commitment to equality, she has a wicked sense of humour, something of a prerequisite for a career in the media.

But to do that while talking about herself, well that was a different matter altogether.

The Good Girl Stripped Bare is Spicer's latest book, one she said she was not meaning to write.

"When Harper Collins approached me to write a memoir, I initially wanted to say no, because what I like about being a journalist is amplifying the voices of others," she said.

"But then I thought this could be a great opportunity to use my own life story as a narrative arch to shine a light on the discrimination that is still faced by women and girls in the workplace and in broader society."

Spicer's words are economic and effective, the mark of a seasoned journalist, but the passion she has for the subject - feminism - is clear in her voice and her determination.

She is aware that although Australians talk about discrimination against women more than they used to, the issue is still there.

"We talk about discrimination a lot about now, which is tremendous because you can only change a problem by identifying it and breaking it down, but progress is glacially slow," she said.

"With the gender pay gap, for instance, it has stayed stubbornly stuck somewhere between 17 and 23% for the past 30 years."

The journalist thinks the rise of the Men Rights Movement as part of the gender discussion has added elements to the debate but has not yet shifted significantly the amount of power men hold.

Spicer's appearance in Lismore is part of the Big Think Norpa series.

And be advised, she may dress up for the event.

At Lismore City Hall on June 4, from 3pm. $35.


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